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5 Responses

  1. Its difficult for many people, including me, to view video clips in WMV format. I would have to download and install a new version of WMP… too much trouble to be worth it.

  2. Denny says:

    All I got when I clicked the video clips was “page cannot be found.” Is it just me?

  3. Jane says:

    Charmaine, I tried to watch the clip but got an error message saying “page not found”.

  4. Same here, once I set up something to view the file with… gone 404.

    Oh, well, not too bad… the videos posted on Jack Yoest’s blog are viewable. Quite a good one too – you are in it, Charmaine, debating the current topic of the month: Foley 🙂 You… arn’t doing badly in the debate, but you do come across as a bit too eager to make excuses for Hastert. Arguements that will be very good for strengthing the position of those who already agree with you, but wont be able to change anyones position.

    Perhaps you should consider uploading the videos to one of the popular video-shareing sites? Might want to avoid Youtube though… I hear they are getting very politically-correct, and so might object to some FRC positions.

  5. Pat Patterson says:

    Rats, I missed it as well. My luck in viewing the clips seems to be on par with everybody else. Did you get to keep the coffee cup?

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