Charmaine Debates Keeping Hastert During the Foley Aftermath on CNBC



Charmaine on CNBC Charmaine_CNBC_Foley_Kudlow100306b.JPG

Kudlow, Yoest

Charmaine and the Family Research Council are not calling for the removal of Dennis Hastert. Watch the clip here. Others, however, are calling for the resignation of Denny Hastert as Speaker of the House.


Left, Kudlow; Top, David Bossie,

Charmaine Yoest; Lower, Rick Tyler


Thank you (foot)notes:

Screen shots and video capture credit Peter Shinn. Yes, that Peter Shinn. John Hawkins has excellent analysis.


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1 Response

  1. Emily says:

    Greetings Charmaine,

    I recently was able to see your television appearance debating the gentleman from the HRC. Even though he was talking a lot, I heard you say something that I was concerned about. You stated that the FRC is not interested in gay-bashing or rather conservatives were inactive about the Foley case because they were afraid to be labeled gay bashers.

    What concerns me is that you are a powerful person at the FRC, yet don’t seem clear about what the FRC actually does. Ms. Yoest, the FRC is a gay bashing organization. FRC’s stance on social issues are based in 1950. The FRC funds anti-gay work. The FRC has characteristics that are considered by the world as anti-gay, anti-democrat and illogical.

    I am concerned because you seem like a well meaning person, and well, the FRC is not well meaning. Well, they are actually meaning well, but only for one fraction of the population. A small, white, heterosexual, judeo-Christian percentage. This is not a well-meaning organization. It is an organization that discriminates and DOES NOT carry out God’s word. I hope you do some research.

    Thanks for your intellect, I hope it is used well. God Bless Emily

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