More Nude Art in The Chronicle of Higher Education



The Myth of Authenticity

“…There has never been a consensus in defining authenticity in art…” Heavy. Groovy.

From the October 13, 2006 issue. The Playboy for professors is at it again. The Chronicle is never lacking for justification for drawing interest to their “End Paper.” Much as Newsweek has George Will on the back page — The Chronicle has nudie art.

Search Chronicle for past reviews of “art.” Like Painted Ladies Gone Wild



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1 Response

  1. I think this is a lot of fuss about nothing. A few nudes arn’t going to hurt anyone. For that matter, a few thousand nudes arn’t going to harm anyone. Some people just overreact though. The sight of someone without clothes is not going to scar children, or turn men into sex-crazed monsters (Well, some men :)).