Higher Education: Exposed


Higher Education can get edgy.

Alert Reader David with a dot edu asked about The Chronicle of Higher Education,

“Most every issue has nude photos of women (art, of course) that is Not Safe for Work.”

I have never noticed a nude photo of women in the chronicle. But I will watch this space closely for your alerts of such issues, so I can be properly offended of course.

David is merely using the “I didn’t notice” defense. (Number 3 in The Complete Married Man’s Guide To Spousal Responses.) Proving that there is a gentleman in academia.

He might be about the only one left.

The offensive photos are usually on the End Page. Here’s a sampler,




And Your Business Blogger’s favorite, (I guess):


Professor Diana York Blaine

OK, so Professor Diana York Blaine was not actually pictured in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Not yet.

There is an uncensored photo of Professor Diana York Blaine, a Professor of Womyn’s Studies, floating about. But, like, who’d care?

One conservative female pundit once quipped that the entire feminist movement could have been averted if a few guys took a local budding feminist to the prom in high school. To keep these womyn from being so angry.

If a young man simply took Diana York Blaine on a date…



Thank you (foot)notes:

See more education at The Chronicle category and here.

Outside The Beltway has the nude Blaine story.

Professor Diana York Blaine is a lunar worshipper,

Every morning, then, I hit my knees and I pray to the moon goddess. Should I be ashamed of my god? She doesn’t seem any more ridiculous to me than anybody else’s deity, and as I have said, at least I can see manifest proof of a power greater than myself in the presence of that orb. Plus I’m named for her, so there’s a cool connection. And what do I ask her? To help us all find peace. To help me be an instrument of peace in the world. To help me find that peace in myself before I even try to move out into the community and encourage others to change as well. To walk through the day in serenity with a light heart because I deserve to be here and she loves me.

The moon loves her. In another less tolerant, less enlighten day we had a name for such lost souls:


Just another professor in academia.


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4 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    I am trying to get a conservative digg alternative going called GOP Hub (GOPHub.com). Anything you can do to help with this effort would be awesome. Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. Pat Patterson says:

    Are you sure that quote does not have the revealed professor to be barking at the moon goddess? But as an SC alumnus, the real one not the one on the wrong coast with the stunty palmettos, I can only hope that SC is remembered more for Neil Armstrong and America Ferrare than the raw Dr. Blaine and OJ.

    Notice I got two references to Dr. Blaine’s lack of attire in the preceeding comment.

  3. Jack says:

    Pat, the logo of South Carolina always did look, well interesting in our interesting times.

    The only thing the logo doesn’t have is a simitar to go with the cresent moon and palm tree.



  4. Have you considered that you might be obsessed? You seem to keep repeating the same neurotic themes too. Perhaps you are possessed. I could refer you to a good exorcist. There are also public services available for people with … dogmatic problems. Feel free to make use of what is available for disturbed individuals, you could probably be helped.