Charmaine Debates Homosexual Marriage on MSNBC


The network was going to send a car. But the guest declined. It was only a few minutes and a few miles from the hotel to the MSNBC studios in LA. And Charmaine thought it’d be a bit easier to have her own rental as she worked out the logistics. With The Diva and Dude in tow, she drives out on the LA hyway.


A Same Sex Couple

Exchanging Rings

Screen Shot Credit: Peter Shinn But LA has even worse traffic and traffic patterns than in Your Nation’s Capital, and Charmaine did not quite make it to the studio on time. She phoned it in.

Alert Reader Andrew at Mere Orthodoxy had graciously requested a link to the interview.

Charmaine, as you will see hear, proved Woody Allen wrong: sometimes you can be successful with only your voice to beat the other side’s presence in a debate.

Watch the segment here and well, listen to Charmaine.


Thank you (foot)notes: WARNING: Lots of men kissing men. Lots of women kissing women. It is not pretty or suitable for children.

Management Training Tip: When your big show biz break comes and the booker offers a car, take it.


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5 Responses

  1. Excellent….and in the event that you’re ever out here again and are called to do a TV shoot in LA….don’t go there….it’s easier to go to a studio 5 minutes from my house in Orange. The drive from Biola would be about a half hour tops, and it would be a lot easier to get to than to LA 🙂

  2. You try well, Charmaine. But you are still fighting from a losing position. Your opponent managed to produce some good lines about “couples wanting to be more responsible to each other and to any children they may have” – and he pull in insurance and medical issues too, big points to him. You, though, still have nothing to offer beyond your skill with retoric. A most impressive skill, I have to say. But, after a while, even your talent starts to sound empty without good, solid arguements behind it. All you have is “Voted in favour of defending the traditional definition of marriage” and similar things – long lines well-packed with subtle loaded language, but that ultimately boil down to ‘but its always been this way!’

    But, given your shaky position, you argue it very well. The interviewer was a bit harsh on you as well, I think… but, its only fair really, im sure you have had plenty of interviewers subtly helping you on Fox.

  3. Jane Lathem says:

    Charmaine, you did an excellent job presenting your viewpoint (which I am in total agreement with). Thank you for being a voice of reason in a world of confusion.

  4. Always take the car in LA – or ask the LA resident you were talking to a little earlier!

  5. Scott Ruffner says:

    Hi Charmaine –

    I listened with interest to your debate – clearly the situation is becoming dire – the homosexual agenda has just struck another blow (no pun intended) by taking down Ted Haggard.

    I’m hoping that the Marshall-Newman Amendment passes here in Virginia. Perhaps your rhetorical skills can be put to use here when the legal challenges to special heterosexual marriage privileges are brought under the new law. At the end of the day, equality before the law can be achieved by either stripping privileges from the favored, or granting them to the disfavored. in any event, I find it interesting that it seems to work as a GOTV tool for both sides.

    As with my last comments to your blog (which I noticed didn’t survive the move to the new site – nice new site, BTW), my apologies for commenting about this on an only partially-related topic. It doesn’t appear you’ve had an opportunity to make a statement on Haggard’s demise yet, although I do see the FRC managed to get something out this morning. I once again eagerly await the public denunciations and villification – the modern media “burning at the stake”. That FRC statement sounds dangerously close to tolerant forgiveness – suddenly discovering Christian values? Well, charity does begin in the home, no?

    In any case, one wonders who will be next? Dr. Dobson? Tony (he is so trim and coiffed)? Perhaps if they knock him off, it will make room at the top for you!

    Best Wishes to you and Jack, I’m sure this too will all blow over.