Steele for Senator and the Roe Effect



After an evening of lit drops, the Penta-Posse poses for their candidate, Michael Steele for Senator for Maryland.

Research shows that a bumper sticker has an in-kind equivalent value of $250 to the political candidate. Smart campaigners will also put the bumper sticker on the driver’s side front bumper to greet on-coming traffic.

The Roe-Effect will take effect sooner or later.

Lord willing, tomorrow.


The Steele Family

From Steele’s web site, His Agenda for Economic Empowerment,

Economic empowerment creates opportunities poverty will never let you see. Whether you are an employee looking for a better job, or a business owner working to expand your company, you must be empowered to turn your hopes into action, and turn opportunity into ownership. The Steele Agenda for Economic Empowerment contains policies devoted to increasing homeownership, business ownership, and the prosperity of Maryland families.


Vandalized Stop Sign

in the Nuclear-Free Hippie Zone

Tacoma Park, Maryland

Steele has an uphill battle in the Commie counties close to DC and Baltimore.

Maryland is a Blue State full of Red Diaper babies.

Save for mine.

More from the Steele website,

Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was the first African-American ever elected to statewide office in Maryland. Michael made history once again in October 2005, when he announced his candidacy for the state’s open seat in the United States Senate.

Since taking office as Lieutenant Governor with Governor Robert Ehrlich in 2003, Michael has produced real solutions to the real problems facing Marylanders. The Lt. Governor has lead the fight to improve access to better-performing schools; worked alongside law enforcement officials to reduce crime and secure communities; strengthened the state’s minority business program to foster greater entrepreneurship; and worked with Maryland conservationists to protect the environment for future generations.


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3 Responses

  1. I dont know to what extent the row effect will influence the polls, but should you really be *proud* that your political faction breeds like rabbits? Sheer numbers do not make a faction correct.

  2. Pat Patterson says:

    It’s not really vandalized. These selfless people are speaking truth to power when they demand that the signs be in lower case. It’s The Grammerman!

  3. Scott Ruffner says:

    Heya Charmaine & Jack,

    Well, it doesn’t look like things worked out too well for Mr. Steele there; doesn’t look like they’re gonna work out for your buddy George Allen either. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

    The difficulty with the “Roe Effect” – a nice sounding psuedo-theory – is that is assumes the offspring adopt the politics and religion of the parents. The dirty little secret of the glorious Conservative Christian revolution is that they don’t – and they don’t in larger numbers than they do. So, by all means, breed away, and you’ll still be increasing the population of hostile heretics faster than faithful adherents. Ask Fred Phelps, or better yet, your Maryland neighbor and all purpose GOP token: Alan Keyes.

    Chin up, though! There was a solid majority of ~500k voters back here in VA who did manage to corrupt the VA Bill of Rights. I figure a margin like that is good enough, with the steady attrition of social reactionaries, to last about twenty years. To be sure, it will take longer – so your side has postponed the inevitable for a good while. You ought to be pleased and take a victory lap. Of course, there remains the problem of finding an even bigger and new non-threat to scare reactionaries with.