Dirty Market Segment: Charmaine Quoted on Britney Spears by FoxNews



Britney Spears AP Britney Spears did it again. Making headlines with her antics. She followed up a round of headlines about her under-bare partying a few months back with a New Year’s eve round of parties that culminated in her handlers physically carrying her out.

Some marketers and commentators believe the dirty stunts will hurt Britney’s brands.

New Auction Sites Alternative & General News writes in The Business of Britney: Spears’ Latest Oops May Cost Her

Photos of a pantyless, glassy-eyed Britney Spears may prove “Toxic” to sales of her perfumes, albums and DVDs … or they could make her business even “Stronger.”

Family values advocates, business experts and Hollywood gossip gurus alike have been speculating on the impact, if any, that the bare-under-there shots will have on the Britney empire, especially among her younger fans.


FoxNewsFoxNews quoted Charmaine,

Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] communications vice president for the conservative Family Research Council think tank and the mother of five children, said that if her kids asked for Spears’ fragrances, Curious and Fantasy, or a Britney album or DVD, she’d tell them, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“We’re not going to buy products from people who have such a flagrant disregard for moral values and who show no concern for their role as models for young people,” Yoest said. “It’s absolutely going to hurt her sales. She’s really gone too far over the boundaries of good taste.”

Yoest said her 13-year-old daughter “is not interested in Britney anymore, or Lindsay Lohan either.”

Lohan has also been photographed in the past wearing nothing underneath.

“My daughter just looks at Britney and Lindsay and goes ‘Ick,'” said Yoest. “I think these pop stars underestimate how smart young girls are.”

Your Business Blogger disagrees. (No, not with Charmaine. Nope. Never.) I would suggest that the Britney goods will sell and sell well. As awful as Spears behaves, she appeals and is appealing to her clearly defined market segment: Sullen little girls.


Britney Spears

National Ledger

This is not judgmental. This is life. This is real. This is marketing.

Except that young girls can pick their own market segment. They can pick their own peer group.


Thank you (foot)notes:

And marketers should monitor the Roe Effect.

TimeCheese has pictures. Yes, those pictures. Not safe for work or families. Available only for scientific marketing analysis.

Kevin Federline has had little input.


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