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The Manager’s Formula For Success Knowledge+ Network= Success

Managers looking for a formula for success do not need complicated, expensive, pronouncements from academia* or beyond.

As Occam’s Razor suggests, the simplest solution is usually correct.

See E=MC squared. Einstein simple.

Email me if you would like an expansion on the formula and the key constant, support.

Professional managers know well that Knowledge can be nil in the formula and the manager can still be successful.

The Pros know that, if given a choice between Knowing and Getting — for example, the hiring manager evaluating a candidate for a management slot — chooses the ability to garner support.

Even more than knowledge.

A manager can know nothing — but as long as the net in his network is well constructed, he will not be let down.

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Knowledge plus Network equals Success


The Penta-Posse (-) and Einstein

at Princeton University

Monkey Business



Thank you (foot)notes:

*Your Business Blogger(R) is an Adjunct Professor of Management in Business Technologies at the Northern Virginia Community College.

See: The William Oncken Corporation Announces Licensed Marketing Agreement With Management Training of DC, LLC,

Press Release: The William Oncken Corporation Announces Licensed Marketing Agreement With Management Training of DC, LLC

Dallas, Texas, July 4, 2007 – The William Oncken Corporation (WOC) is pleased to announce it has signed on Management Training of DC, LLC, (MTDC) to launch an initiative to broaden the world-wide reach of WOC’s leadership training products.

Since 1961, The William Oncken Corporation, (WOC) a management consulting company, has trained more than one million managers and leaders. WOC’s flagship seminar, Managing Management Time™, was specifically designed for those individuals in an organization who are valued as much, if not more, for their judgment and influence than for their time and personal effort.

For more on William “Bill” Oncken see bio at the jump.

A Formula for Success March 29, 2008 # 5

This is Jack Yoest your business Blogger with solutions to your management problems.

With a formula for managers: Knowledge plus Network equals Success

Your Mission as a manager – as the leader: is –

Making things happen – thru other people. Using what Henry Ford called your experience and judgment.

If I were giving a bookkeeping seminar, the formula would be simple — Knowledge equals Success.

But when you get in a management position, your report card is the sum of two grades: knowledge and network.

When I was responsible for multiple departments, I was not knowledgeable in some areas — maybe a lot of areas.

What mattered – as a manager – more than being knowledgeable.

Was getting my network — to work.

To get the deal done, to complete the project or to favorably influence outcomes,

the manager must always have support inside and outside the organization.

Using your knowledge and your network.

For more information go to YOEST . com

From Perfekt-Power,

A Few Words About William Oncken, III

Bill joined The William Oncken Corporation in 1978 as Manager of Product Development. In 1985 he was appointed President under William Oncken, Jr., Chairman, CEO and creator of the Oncken proprietary training programs including the famous “Managing Management Time (TM)” seminar with his legendary “monkey-on-the-back” analogy. [Fondly known as the Monkey Management Seminar.]

Bill succeeded his father, the late William Oncken, Jr., in 1988 as CEO of the corporation.

William “Bill” Oncken, III received his MBA from Southern Methodist University in 1976, followed by several years in the insurance and estate planning industry. Prior to that he had been a Regular Army Officer where he served as a Ranger and Paratrooper. He spent his pre-college years as an enlisted man in the infantry (Airborne) with duty in Vietnam (1966), and upon his discharge attended Texas A&M University, graduating in 1971 as a Distinguished Military Student.

A gifted writer and articulator of issues of general management concern, Bill frequently appears as keynote speaker for conferences, and conducts training programs for corporations; his articles appear in many professional publications including Executive Excellence and Success magazines. His latest book, “Monkey Business: Are You Controlling Events Or Are Events Controlling You?” [was] released in Fall 2000.

The unique philosophy of Oncken’s internationally known seminar, “Managing Management Time (TM)”, now in its 40th year, enjoys international success with all levels of management and has become an integral part of the cultures of organizations, including Abbott Laboratories, Florida Power & Light, Krueger International, Milliken & Company, Western Union, and various U. S. government agencies, at the federal and state levels.

Here is an [partial] list of [Oncken’s] clients:

Abbott Laboratories


Bank of America

Compaq Computer Corp.

Conoco, Inc.

E. I. DuPont

Friendly Ice Cream

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Florida Power & Light

Game Show Network

Healthcare Solutions


Krueger International

LCI International

Milliken & Company

Ontario Teachers Pension

Ronald Blue & Company

Ridge Tool

Steelcase, Inc.

St. Croix Valley Emp. Assn.

Texas Health Resources

US Cellular

University of Buffalo

U.S. Customs Service

U.S. Immigration & Naturalization

Virginia-Dept. of Aging

Western Digital

Western Union


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