National Review Institute: Panel on Religious Conservatives


We’re spending the day at the National Review Institute gathering. Great fun — every time you turn around there’s another old friend and someone you’d like to meet as a new friend.

The panel on religious conservatives just concluded, featuring Ralph Reed debating Ryan Sager, a columnist for the New York Post who wrote a book called The Elephant in the Room Evangelicals, Libertarians, and the Battle to Control the Republican Party.

Ralph acquitted himself well, except for the cringe-worthy moment when he mentioned the role of corruption in November’s election. . . might be a topic/word he would want to avoid.

The key point in Sager’s presentation was his comment that evangelicals are “on the wrong side of the biggest civil rights issue of our time.”

This is the framing of the same-sex marriage issue that is the challenge confronting marriage defenders today. The Human Rights Campaign (there it is, right in their name!) is steadily gaining ground with their catchphrase: “writing discrimination in the Constitution.” Very disciplined message; very effective.

Jeb Bush coming up at lunch-time. Gingrich was here for breakfast. Mitt Romney tonight at dinner. Huckabee speaking tomorrow.


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