Charmaine Debates Women in Combat with Heather Wilson



Heather Wilson

A few years ago Charmaine tangled with Congressperson Heather Wilson (R) (!) on MSNBC on women in combat.

Representative Wilson wants women exposed subjected to direct ground combat.

Unfortunately, women are not held to the same physical training standards as men.

Note in the video clip Charmaine’s emphasis that our Armed Forces like to win — as much, say, as teams in the National Football League like to win. Not many chicks near pro teams, except the campfollowers on the sidelines.

The difference being, of course, that the Army team is a merely a fight to the death.

And the NFL fights for money.

When the mission is really important, who does it right? The Army or the NFL?


(Former) Private Deanna Allen

does not represent

all women in the military Watch the clip here.


Full Disclosure: there is no nudity in the clip.


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