Should Condom Demonstrations Be Done In Our Schools?



Condom Dress

World AIDS Conference

Former US president Bill Clinton

stole the show at the world

AIDS conference [a few years ago],

laughingly conjuring up the idea

of Nike’s swoosh logo

in the form of a condom.

“Comprehensive Sex Education” is the cry of liberals as they minimize the values of the student’s family and overlay their sex agenda.

Charmaine once did an interview where her male opponent whipped out a banana and a condom and a can of whipped cream…

…I made the ‘whipped cream’ part up.

Sadly, we didn’t have YouTube back then. But we do have one of Charmaine’s early debates on CNN & Company from a dozen years ago. The Truth is constant and unchanging and still holds today. The lefties, good marketers as they are, constantly change tactics. But note the argument and the stacked deck: Charmaine, on the Right vs two leftists including the CNN moderator — making it a 3 on 1 play. And the good-guy won, as usual.

Kristine Gebbie was the National AIDS Policy Coordinator for Bill Clinton, Jane Po and Charmaine when she was at the University of Virginia.

This is one of the best examples where the choice of a national President and the personnel the President would hire, is frightfully important. Watch the clip of naughty condom commercials — where $900,000 of your tax dollars went under Donna Shalala’s tenure at HHS.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine also served as a White House Intern to the President. Reagan. A real one.


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