Charmaine Debates Abortion on CNN



The Fetal Hand Grasp

Photo credit: Michael Clancy 12/9/99

Reprinted with permission from Michael Clancy Charmaine appeared on CNN to debate the wisdom of sending cards to women who choose to have the elective child-eliminating surgery known as abortion.

Before sending the card the sender needs to know:

Are we celebrating? or

Are we consoling?

The new card sending web-site service is not clear which.

The group, Exhale, is headed by Aspen Baker. Her board of directors is populated with pro-abortion Planned Parenthood leadership.

There are no pro-lifers on Exhale’s leadership, management or staff. As Ronald Reagan said, personnel is policy.

Watch the short clip CNN Headline News. The pro-abortion Exhale executive director is a real pro. Easy to spot good media training. (Please forgive the link thru the Family Research Council web site.)

Charmaine suggested that every woman needs help after an abortion. Groups like AfterAbortion and Racheal’s Vineyard. might be better help than a confusing “get well” (?) card. See more at ProLifeBlogs.


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Thank you (foot)notes,

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., is currently the President and CEO of Americans United for Life

Fewer women would opt for abortion, if they saw the sonogram first. Or the baby herself.

USA Today Photographer converted to Pro-life after taking [fetal] surgery photos

NASHVILLE, September 23, 2002 ( – The famous photo of baby Samuel’s hand reaching out from the uterus of his mother at 21-weeks gestation during foetal surgery, has turned the veteran photo-journalist hired by USA Today for the shoot into a pro-life activist. Michael Clancy, who snapped the photo after seeing the baby’s hand jut out of the hole in the womb made by the surgeons…

He offers his image at no charge to pro-life groups.

On his website, Clancy explains that “During a spina bifida corrective procedure at twenty-one weeks in utero, Samuel thrusts his tiny hand out of the surgical opening of his mother’s uterus. As the doctor lifts his hand, Samuel reacts to the touch and squeezes the doctor’s finger. As if testing for strength, the doctor shakes the tiny fist. Samuel held firm.

At that moment, I took this ‘Fetal Hand Grasp’ photo.”


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4 Responses

  1. One women who will definatly not be celebrating:

    I think the worst problem with the organised pro-life movement is its inability to consider individual circumstances. They tend to view *all* abortion as inherently wrong and something that must be banned, and are incapable of making any exceptions to that. Ever.

  2. gsk says:

    Charmaine did a marvelous job in a tricky situation. Yes, the pro-abortion side is realising that it’s not as simple as other basic medical procedures; yes, they scknowledge that there’s something to “grieve;” and yes, people respond differently to “choice.” Charmaine kept the focus on what was “blurry” in the cards — what, exactly, was LOST. I am so proud of her representing the pro-life side on this issue.

  3. Johnny says:

    Jack, what happened to the baby?

    Is he still alive?


  4. kayla marrie says:

    i dont know how a mother could do this to a baby that would be like killing a 5 year old … stop the babys in the usa from dieing from this