Kill, But Don’t Insult



Translated below The Navy’s nixed-mixed messages making the rounds with mil-bloggers from last year.

U.S. Navy Directive 16134 [Inappropriate T-Shirts]

The following directive was issued by the commanding officer of all naval installations in the Middle East, and it was obviously directed at the Marines.

To: All Commands

Subject: Inappropriate T-Shirts

Ref: ComMidEastFor Inst 16134//24 K

All commanders promulgate upon receipt, The following T-shirts are no longer to be worn on or off base by any military or civilian personnel serving in the Middle East:

“Eat Pork Or Die” [both English and Arabic versions]

“Shrine Busters” [Various. Show burning minarets or bomb/artillery shells impacting Islamic shrines. Some with unit logos.]

“Napalm, Sticks Like Crazy” [Both English and Arabic versions]

“Goat – it isn’t just for breakfast any more.” [Both English and Arabic versions]

“The road to Paradise begins with me.” [Mostly Arabic versions but some in English. Some show sniper scope cross-hairs]

“Pork. The other white meat.” [Arabic version]

“Infidel” [English, Arabic and other coalition force languages.]

Your Business Blogger’s favorite: “Guns don’t kill people. I kill people.” [Both Arabic and English versions]

The above T-shirts are to be removed from Post Exchanges upon receipt of this directive.

In addition, the following signs are to be removed upon receipt of this message:

“Islamic Religious Services Will Be Held at the Firing Range At 0800 Daily.”

“Do we really need ‘smart bombs’ to drop on these dumb bast*rds?”

All commands are instructed to implement sensitivity training upon receipt.


Thank you (foot)notes:

See I love Jet Noise.

Arabic above: I am NOT a terrorist.


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3 Responses

  1. Randy says:

    I am enjoying this post just a little too much.

  2. Jack says:

    Randy, Let’s not tell the jihadists…the Yoest household is located within the DC Pelosi-encourgaged blastzone.



  3. Randy says:

    OK… mum’s the world. I won’t even bring it up at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Bingo Night.