The Majority Accountability Project: New (Im)Media and The Long Tail of Journalism


“Why don’t they pick up this story?” Michael Brady is questioning the mainstream media’s lack of attention on a Democratic scandal in the making.

And he’s doing something about it.

Too many good stories are not covered in DC or across the nation and Michael Brady and his business partner, Michael Giuliani have built a new media start-up to fix this. The Michaels 2X believe that the traditional media outlets do not report on important stories either from bias or from the lack of resources.

A blog is the solution. The immediate media.

Brady and Giuliani are professionals who have made careers in writing and researching and believe that the immediacy of the blogosphere will sell.

The (im)media.

The blogosphere is divided into linkers and thinkers. Drudge is a landing page that does the linking. The Majority Accountability Project (MAP) does the thinking. With original reporting.

MAP is breaking Freshmen Democrats turn to embattled lobbyist for cash.

Which would be a page one, above the fold splash-scandal on The Washington Post. If committed by a conservative.

Rob Bluey, recently introduced MAP to his weekly blogger meeting at Heritage. He writes,

The two men behind the just-launched Majority Accountability Project want to shake up Capitol Hill. Michael Brady and Michael Giuliani, two longtime congressional staffers, have decided Washington’s entrenched journalists aren’t doing a good enough job reporting the facts about Democrats in Congress.

And MAP knows where to go to get world-class advice. Bluey continues,

David All, who taught congressional Republicans how to blog while serving as an aide to Rep. Jack Kingston, is now helping Brady and Giuliani turn their website into the GOP’s best online endeavor in a long time.

Brady and Giuliani have a business model they feel can make money on news and content. They plan on making a profit. (Which would set them apart from the dying print media.)

They will sell ad space and subscriptions. Which they claim will put them in the black.


The Long Tail

by Chris Anderson And Your Business Blogger thinks they might just do it. We now know from The Long Tail: The New Economics of Culture and Commerce, Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, by Chris Anderson, that statistical outliers can make money.

The long tail is a graph with sales volume on the vertical axis and market competitors on the horizontal.

The Long Tail tells us that money can be made in the digital economy even if provider is not in the top 10 or top 100 or with in the two or three standard diviations of a traditional belt curve or F-Curve of sales volume.

Even as we slide down the tail, an outlet such as MAP can make money, because the marginal (digital) costs are zero. And there are sales to be made out there.

MAP may not hit the 800,000 daily circulation of The Wall Street Journal — who would sit at the head or top of The Long Tail — but money can be made at 5,000 hits a day: a long way on the right of the tail.

Michael Brady and Michael Giuliani have found a niche and will fill it with content.

And I bet they make a buck.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Rob Bluey also has the best photos. But he left out the Youngest Blogger (who was warmly greeted) at the last meeting with MAP:


Boo Baby seated to the right of David All (at right at laptop)

The Alert Reader will complain that Your Business Blogger is mixing atoms and bits: the comparison should not be with dead tree products with products by 1 and 0’s. In this post we consider only the market segment of original content news outlets.


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