The British are Coming: The Queen of England Visits the White House



The Royal Visit

credit: The Dude I have never let my schooling interfere with my education, said Mark Twain.

So in keeping with the spirit of Samuel Clemmons, Your Business Blogger and Charmaine chose education over (public) schooling today and dispatched The Penta-Posse to the South Lawn of the White House for a glimpse of the Queen.

The Dude has pictures and the story of lessons learned at Panzer Commander.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Rob Bluey was also in crowd of 7,000. With more great shots.


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5 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    Oops, Samuel Clemens. Not the saxaphonists from the E Street Band.

    O/T-I can’t even print what I heard my grandad, a Scot with relatives among the Anglo-Irish, called the British monarchy when I was still in pre-school. I leaned a lot of new words which I proudly repeated to my ashen faced mother as soon as I got home. So I remain not a fan of the Windsors.

  2. Keep her for as long as you want. Us brits dont miss her, really.

    She is a good queen, as queens go. Very regal, and scandle-free, unlike much of her family. But the queen doesn’t really do anything today other than act as a purely symbolic figurehead.

  3. Jack says:

    Suricou, Figure head. I know what that’s like: I used to run a software company. It had lots of smart people in it. I was not one of them.

    But I exercised leadership — I found a parade and got in front of it. And I got stock.

    Which makes a terrific wallpaper pattern for the upstairs bath…

    Which makes my net worth about the same as the UK’s. But there is hope — after Britiannia surrenders, the jihadists will turn Windsor Castle into a Hagia Sophia and charge admission and turn a real profit for the prophet.


    And if the Queen converts to Islam, she might be able to keep the throne. As a figure head.


  4. Jack says:

    Pat, Still touchie about the potato[e] famine, eh?

    Me too. My sister and my then brother-in-law lived in London years ago and enjoyed the proximity to our distant Irish cousins.

    Until the cousins tried to kill them.

    On 17 December 1983 as they walked out of Harrods in Knightsbridge about 1:30 in the afternoon, the IRA blew up the department store and killed six and injured 75.

    Sister Helen and husband escaped without injury.

    (I’ll bet the Irish won’t surrender to the jihadists.)

    See kid-sister Helen pictured later with the mujahideen. (I don’t know what side she’s on…)

    Anyway, I would feel better about our Irish blood if they declared war in WWII. Instead of being neutral.

    Oh no, if Ireland didn’t fight Hitler, maybe they won’t fight the jidahists.


  5. Pat Patterson says:

    I should have been a little clearer as my relatives in Ireland were called Anglo-Irish but were Protestants that traced their arrival in Ireland to Cromwell. They held no love for the natives and thought that the Famine was deserved retribution against the Catholics. My grandad and most of his immedate family, got out of Scotland before being drafted in WWI, but in 1918 he and his brother enlisted and served as sappers in Europe and Russia. Those coal miners were good for planting bombs and digging trenches.

    Ovwer 70,000 Irish fought for the British in WWII but the Free State listed their deaths as industrial accidents in England.

    One famous story has a whole platoon of Free State soldiers crossing the Irish Sea by ferry after Dunkirk and joining the RA. Great story but probably just that, a story.

    BTW, is your wallpaper more valuable than my PanAm place mats?