MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Debates Intelligent Design and the Religion of Darwinism



Anderson Cooper Charmaine recently appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to debate the teaching of Intelligent Design in the nation’s classrooms. Rob Boston from Americans United for the Separation of Church and State was the combatant on the other side.

Watch the spirited exchange here. Please forgive the extra click through to the Family Research Council website.

The Alert Reader will notice that CNN has omitted Charmaine’s Ph.D. suffix.



Thank you (foot)notes:

See the Darwinian reaction at Talk to Action. It’s annoying enough that the networks omit Charmaine’s credential, but the only slight worse is misspelling our name. Spelling counts.

Also insulted by the assault on the religion of evolution is My Thinking Corner and Notes from Evil Bender. Talk to Action can’t spell and Notes can’t discern gender. The GLBT would be pleased.

DEFCON has FRC Defends Creation Museum on Anderson Cooper and some 67 comments.

the Jaded Skeptic, Odd Jack; An outpost maintained for SECULAR DIALOGUES, PROGRESSIVE DISCUSSIONS, and SOBER EXCHANGES…and some SILLY PRATTLE has The Blogswarm cometh

Spooky Paradigm has Intelligent Design Opens the Door for UFOs, Bigfoot, MIHOP 9/11 in Classrooms

Pharyngula has the transcripts. Which proves that the written word can, indeed, conflict with the actual visible debate. Watch the clip, listen to the cross talk, then read the transcripts. Amateurs think televised media is easy. (And oh, how the academy distains the ‘shouting shows.’ Professors hate them because they never get asked on. However, the academic opinion changes when invited.)

Then there’s The Black Vault.


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5 Responses

  1. Stacy L Harp says:

    Did you know you linked to the video of you on Fox News’s Cavuto talking about Imus? 🙂

  2. Joe G says:


    Super fantastic!!


  3. Charmaign, being seen to support the Inteligent Design people is very detrimental to your reputation. And supporting the ‘everything is a religion’ people even more so.

  4. jamal says:

    this darwinism is nonsense.

  5. ala says:

    I enjoyed the debate on CNN, but I missed the answer to the question posed: how old is the earth, in your opinion?