The Washington Times 25th Anniversary Gala


Caution: Dropping Names Ahead.


The Washington Times

security ID pinThe balanced newspaper of record, The Washington Times celebrated their 25th year tonight in Your Nation’s Capital.

Big event. A success.* George H. W. Bush spoke.

Your Business Blogger and Charmaine attended but assumed that no president, in office or out, one termer or two, would be there.

Our clue was the minimum security. But we guessed wrong.

Early in the evening, the elder Bush praised The Washington Times for its even-handed reporting and editorializing. And contrasted the writing with the other Times from New York or the Post in DC, which are, shall we say, left-of-center.

Bush sounded strong and vibrant at 83. Or for any age.

Bush said that of all the titles he had, the best was “husband, father, grandfather.” Titles which he took on full-time after Clinton forced him to do that “spend more time with the family” re-frame.

Bush does not like the press picking on his son. This was not news.

The real news was just after President Bush’s speech, which set off alarms. Real alarms. Fire alarms forced the crowd out. Slowly. It turned out to be a false. Not all who left returned. It was a bit cooler outside.

And it looked dangerous inside. Dignitaries and Hizzoners and Diplomats and foreign leaders made this a target-rich environment for a terrorist attack. Even Grover Norquist was concerned. Which may have been the only time him and Frank Gaffney agreed.

Michael Steele was a natural at the podium. He says he has never missed a day of The Washington Times — the first issue is lovingly “wrapped in plastic, tucked away.”

The beautiful VP of Heritage, Rebecca Hagelin with husband Andy were charming as ever. Diana Banister worked the crowd. Jeffrey Lord at Qube TV was elated with his recent link from Drudge. Danielle Crittenden was thin as ever, commanding attention with former Bush speechwriter husband “Axis of Evil” David Frum.

Former Wall Street Journalist and best-selling author, Richard Miniter is in the process of selling the movie rights of his soon-to-be-blockbuster on the Navy Seals. He was going to tell us (confidentially) who the producer and director were in on the deal — but I told him not to tell us — Your Business Blogger might not be able to keep that kind of show-bizzie secret, being a blogger lusting after Alert Readership and all…

Stephen P. Gordon, Political Director of the Libertarian Party, and I talked about the presidential candidacy of Mike Jingozian. Gordon met with Jingo from AngelVision last week. Gordon didn’t say much, except “I only care about lowering taxes.” Stephen Gordon is a diplomat. Jingozian. . . he pops up everywhere. Coming to a ballot box near you.

Carol Clews, the Executive Director of Balitmore’s Crisis Pregnancy Center was there with husband Vince. Good people doing good work.


*An event is considered a success if Grover Norquist and Frank Gaffney show up in the same room.


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