Oregon Anarchists Burn Soldier Effigy


It is not known if anti-war Damascus Nancy Pelosi or Presidential candidate Mike Jingozian were present.

An Alert Reader from National Review says that Damascus Nancy could be shortened.

They were also burning the American flag. No, not Nancy or Mike (that we know of…) But they may as well have been burning the flags with Blue Stars on them.


Cousin Captain Joshua Hearn protecting

American flag burners overseas.

Army Captain Hearn well understands that we can fight the jihadists over there. Or they will follow us home and we will certainly fight them here. Except for maybe Oregon.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Joshua Hearn was a mere (well behaved) pup in our wedding. We are so proud of him.

My business partner, Bill Oncken said that he was not treated especially well by liberals when he returned from combat in Vietnam. But he said he was never burned in effigy.

National Review letters to the editor available by subscription:


After her visit to North Vietnam, Jane Fonda became known to us as “Hanoi Jane.” Can we now call Nancy Pelosi “Damascus Nancy” — or, for short, “Dam Nancy”? (Well, also, “A Dam Nancy” has a certain ring to it.)

Donald P. Kerwick

Hamilton, Ohio

Captain Hearn commented on the Panzer Commander‘s blog that Hearn is a genuine (direct fire) commander. Even though he’s pictured above with a(n indirect fire) howitzer.


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  1. Pat Patterson says:

    If you listen over the off-key and off-beat chanting you can hear some girl yelling at the arsonist that he should have used the matches from Cuba. Not the ones made by the running dog imperialists.

    Just kidding!

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