Best Bumper Sticker This Week #2


“Look!” I shout to Charmaine, “Look-it! A Republican! In Arlington!”

“In this neighborhood?” says Charmaine, ever the cynic.

“Yes, over there — the bumper sticker…” I’m pointing.

It says,


Republicans for Voldemort

“Is…whats-his-name, Voldemort running local?” Your Business Blogger cares about elections.

“Not likely. He’s a bad guy in Harry Potter,” Charmaine says. “I don’t think they’re conservatives — they’re democrats.”

“Who?” I wonder. “Harry Potter or our neighbors?”

“Hard to tell.” says Charmaine.

“Does that mean we can’t vote for him?” I’m disappointed. I like mean managers.

“It would be a fair race: We’d get Voldemort — they get Hillary…”

This election’s gonna be scary.



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  1. Randy says:

    Your conversation over the sign is the funniest thing about the whole situation! That’s great.

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