The 1st amendment isn't enough for those who say religion has too much power


There is hope for the next generation coming up. Marianne Brennan, whose family hails from Arlington, Virginia, gets the Constitution right in an article that deserves a wide readership. Orginally published in the George Street Observer, Serving the College of Charleston for More Than 70 Years.


Congress shall make no law…”

While there can be little doubt that religion, humanity’s most enduring institution, will continue to exist and even thrive, there are plenty of voices clamoring for religion to be left at the church door, rather than brought into public life. At Fort Dorchester High School in Summerville, some parents objected to a new elective course that would focus on the Bible and its influence on language, art, culture and history.

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Full Disclosure: Marianne’s younger brother plays football with the The Dude and Big Boys at NOVA Unlimited on the Predators.


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