Media Alert: Charmaine with Alan Colmes — another teacher undressed and Indoctrinate U



Our Education. Their PoliticsYour Business Blogger and Charmaine recently attended a premier screening of the documentary Indoctrinate U at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The movie was part of the American Film Renaissance Festival.

The film is an explosive discourse on the absence of free speech and radical censorship on our nation’s college campuses.

It is a must see.

The movie is the brainchild of Evan Coyne Maloney. We caught up with Maloney at an after-movie bash at the Watergate. Maloney, who is a libertarian, tells us how got started on this issue, “When I was in college my opinion [news] paper was stolen and thrown out — I got death threats for opinions. Schools teach tolerance and diversity, but there is no tolerance of different ideas.”

But the educational nonsense does not begin in college. We see it nearly every day, now down to the elementary level.

Charmaine will be on the Alan Colmes radio show tonight to discuss a teacher who has quite a bit to show and tell.

Melinda England is a 28 year-old elementary school teacher who has, well, suggestive pictures on her MySpace. Alan Colmes thinks it is just peachy to let the wee ones have a peek-a-boo. Charmaine thinks some decorum might be in order. For the children at least.

Check local listings. Hit time is 10:15pm EST

See a lot of Melinda England here. Caution, not safe for work. Not safe for your kids.


Thank you (foot)notes:

For more education naked nonsense see Higher Education: Exposed. Safe for work. This is art. I think.

Full Dislosure: Your Business Blogger is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Northern Virginia Community College.


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5 Responses

  1. Lou says:

    I am sorry that I missed Charmaine and you, Jack, if you attended.

    It was a great night at the Kennedy Center.


  2. Jon says:


    I followed the link about Charmaine’s interview and realized the Ms. England is from KNOXVILLE — that is where I’m from…let me just say I’m not too surprised!



  3. Stan says:

    I heard about this one a bit from fox news.

    The teacher stepped out for a few minutes and two little monsters started having sex with each other.

    Do we want teachers burdened with prison guard duties?

    He / She should not be investigated; it’s the parents and the lack of decency in their kids that should be investigated!!

  4. Jack says:

    Stan, excellent point.

    Now I think the teacher should be fired because she never had control of her classroom. As well as her virtue.

    And the kids should be thrown out of school.

    And the parents thrown in jail.

    But all this causes far too much pain…

    We now need expert advice on what to do about the declining values of our nation.

    Someone who could truly guide us in family values.

    What would Bill Clinton do?



  5. stan says:

    I think Pres. Bill would ask ‘is’ sex between consenting minors’ sex at all


    If the teacher had stepped out for a reasonable short period of time and there were no prior ‘warning’ incidents, I do not think the teacher is due any kind of punishment / litigation, nor the school.

    AS with the sexy cheerleader teacher; the media does not provide details to truly understand what happened in what context.

    The media is only interested in sensational headlines, max viewers.

    In other news I understand the most recent bin Laden video was leaked. Hence a covert link into the al-quida network was exposed and ruined for further Intel.