Papoose or Parasite?


It’s a girl! The Torres family has announced that the sonogram shows that the baby we’ve all been praying for is a little girl. We always Thank Heaven for Little Girls, but I believe this baby has a special destiny.

When the sonogram was done for Baby Boo, we discovered that the technology of picturing babies in the womb keeps improving dramatically. This isn’t the sonogram picture of Susan and Jason’s baby girl, but it might have looked something like this one:


Baby’s First Picture

Of course, not quite everyone is happy about Fetus Torres . . some say the fetus in the sonogram is not a person and has no right to life. And that the Torres family should not be trying to save her.

In writing on this story, The Washington Post reports that some believe that “…it is demeaning to use [Susan’s] body as an incubator.” And others “have questioned the enormous amount of money being spent…”

These quotes illustrate the feminists’ philosophy that the child is a parasite feeding off the host body — costing precious dollars that could benefit society on products other than conception.

Although I understand that the Torres’ situation is unusual, and I believe braving new ground medically, making heroic efforts to save a baby before its birth isn’t new. In 1999, Samuel Armas was a 21- week-old fetus, and needed surgery to correct spina bifida before his birth. A famous picture of the surgery shows Samuel reaching up, out of the uterus, and grasping the surgeon’s hand. Read the whole story written by the reporter who took the picture.

Susan and Jason Torres also declined tests for birth defects. These test are used overwhelmingly as a rationale for abortion. Dr. C. Everett Koop called the tests “Search and Destroy Missions.”

Each person has value beyond measure. Here’s how to support the effort to save Baby Girl Torres: donate to the Torres fund.


This is my boy: Baby Boo


Same Baby Boo . . .

. . .Different venue

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See more sonograms at Extreme Truths at 4D Technology


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  1. kc says:

    Hey, thx for the Tb. It is good to hear. We were speculating it might be a girl. Waiting for the pics to come out. I have gone some rounds with the death cults over this as well as all the times I did for Terri. It never ends does it. I am so praying the baby makes it ok and safe. I believe susan will be smiling down at her when it is time.

    On a happier note good news from the UK about our (us) fight against abortion.

    Beautiful Kids, btw. Esp. boo, what a charmer he’ll be.

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