MEDIA ALERT: Business & Media Institute: CNN Sells Fear


Your Business Blogger has an article up at the Business & Media Institute.


CNN Presents the Fear-Based Economy:

Time’s Karen Tumulty questions Reagan’s economic record.,

“You know, Ron Reagan’s fiscal record was not so great…” claimed Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for Time magazine. Tumulty was a guest on CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ October 13, providing political analysis on the economic policy proposals of the presidential candidates.

The segment was titled “Fear Factor.” Christine Romans, began with the observation that there is a political party that believes, “government needs to expand its reach to protect citizens from catastrophe.” No, Romans assured us, “We are not talking about terrorism, we are talking about the economy.”

Read the entire article and let me know what you think. Did president Ronald Reagan have a poor fiscal record? And did he really win the cold war?

Or is this simply a liberal bias from the main stream media?


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