MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on Tucker


Charmaine Yoest on MSNBC’s ‘Tucker’ (11/09/07)

Tucker Carlson interviewed Charmaine in a segment named, “Death of the Christian Right?”

Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Guiliani — but the news was that Don Wildmon endorsed Huckabee.

Watch a female pro in action. Watch the short clip here. Please forgive the extra click thru on the FRC site.

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3 Responses

  1. gid says:

    Hey Jack and Charmaine,

    I have been a long time reader and am very conservative. I hesitate to even write these words because, well, you guys are so connected politically and I am sure you have made up your minds long ago.

    What we need is real change. These last years have left the Republican Party in shambles. Not because we have fought a virtuous fight for the constitution and been rejected, but rather because we have had a consistent and blatant disregard for the constitution. At this point in my life I find all but one candidate to be like the lukewarm waters of Macedonia. I seriously doubt these candidates ever ask themselves “is this constitutional” when going about their public service.

    This is made obvious by the patriot act, national Id card coming in 08, disregard for habeas corpus, ballooning executive power, wire tapping of U.S. citizens, our loss of independence and sovereignty because of CAFTA, NAFTA, WTO, GATT, a foreign policy that is a mess, the Department of Homeland Security, and I could go on. Seriously, I could go on and on and on. We need to wake up.

    What I don’t think the people inside the beltway, those sitting at their news anchor desks, and those sitting in their ivory towers yet realize is this. There is a true revolution going on. I have many friends who are liberals, libertarians, constitutionalists, or conservatives and they are going to vote for only one candidate. Some of these people stopped voting for the lesser of two evils long ago, but this election cycle they have found a candidate they believe in.

    There is a revolution going on and Ron Paul is the one we have chosen to lead.


  2. Jack says:

    Hey gid,

    Thank you for your thoughtful analysis. You are right, it is not likely that we would endorse any political position that has us surrendering to the jihadists.

    We may certainly disagree on the origin and conduct of the war. But there is a war – and if we leave Iran the jihadists will continue the fight here.

    We can fight there. Or we will fight here.

    Unless, like the Democrats, the USA simply surrenders…

    But only if Hillary is forced to wear a burka and is regularly “punished” by Bill.

    Let us keep in touch. And let us know if would have permission to publish your thoughts.


    Jack (and Charmaine)

    Jack Yoest


    Management Training of DC, LLC

  3. gid says:

    Wow. I really would not have thought you were already beating the war drum against Iran? Whatever happened to Jefferson’s admonition of “Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none”?

    You know I voted for President Bush in the past two elections. Matter of fact I have never voted for anyone other than a Republican. Some of my earliest memories happen to be political ones of my dad talking to me about the gold standard, the importance of small government, the right to life, and our fight against Russia in the cold war. The first election I remember was in 79/80 when Reagan won. In 88 I was able to attend the Republican National Convention in New Orleans. I give my background as evidence that I am a staunch conservative. The problem is that the Republican Party has lost their way over the last 100 years.

    The thing is, I even supported the war up until the last 6+ months. It has been a long process for me to come to the point of disagreement with our foreign policy. Being outspoken in my circle of friends made the crow eating all the more painful.

    I have to say that Bush masterfully framed the argument with regard to why we were attacked on 9/11. After the attack I as most Americans was stunned and left answerless as to why the attacks occurred. When Bush quickly came along with the reasoning of the Jihadist hating our freedom and liberties seemed like the correct answer. I mean that is an argument that is easy to latch onto.

    The truth of what caused 9/11 is quite different. All we have to do is go back to the devil himself and listen to his reason for 9/11. Bin Laden’s reason for attacking us was because he saw the infidel setting up multiple military bases on the home of Mecca. Why have we, against Jefferson’s admonition, entangled ourselves with the Saudi government? Oil.

    I think we would do good to consider Reagan’s own words from his memoirs regarding his dealings with the Middle East. He said: “…we did not appreciate fully enough the depth of the hatred and complexity of the problems that made the Middle East such a jungle…In the weeks immediately after the bombing, I believed the last thing we should do was turn tail and leave…yet, the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics forced us to rethink our policy there.”

    >>We can fight there. Or we will fight here.

    I too used to believe this, but the truth is if we put half the energy into our foreign policy as we do our military we would not be in the situation we find ourselves.

    Thanks for listening. And yes you have permission to publish…..

    Here is a quote someone sent me the other day. I don’t think it has any application to what we were talking about, but it is good none the less. Enjoy.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims, may be the most oppressive. Those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C.S. Lewis, 1952