Best Bumper Sticker This Presidential Campaign: Huckabee; and What's a Sticker Worth?



Mike Huckabee for President

Faith Family Freedom Alert Reader Patti Brown, a grad student from Greenlee School of Journalism at Iowa State University is now the one of the foremost experts on a marketing niche of political campaign advertising: Bumper Stickers.

This is the stuff of academic-Ph.D dissertations: knowing more and more about less and less.

Except that Mrs. Brown is not (currently) working on a terminal degree.

So Your Business Blogger was interested in why she would devote so much valuable grad-student time on her blog about bumper stickers.

“What is your motivation?” I asked Patti Brown.

She emailed me back,

Part of my interest in studying the bumper sticker came about when my “Women deserve better than abortion” bumper sticker was removed from my car on campus. So much for the great spirit of tolerance practiced at American universities today.

Her experience is consistence with the theme of the movie on higher education, IndoctrinateU. Educational Intolerance.

Patti Brown was interested in a source citation for my claim that a bumper sticker is worth a $250 in-kind contribution to a political campaign.


Thank you (foot)notes:

See Patti Brown’s blog, Driving Political Opinion, Presidential Campaign Bumper Stickers.

More on Patti Brown’s blogging notoriety at the jump.

Full Dislosure: Your Business Blogger is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Northern Virginia Community College. Where real diversity of thought is welcomed.

Huckabee bumper sticker courtesy of Alamo City Cards,

Howdy from south Texas. Alamo City Cards doesn’t have a flashy website with the lowest prices or biggest gimmicks, but we will ship your cards faster than our rivals and at a fair price. We ship all orders in 24 hours or less! Give Alamo City Cards a try, and you’ll be glad you did. Military active duty members, veterans and families, don’t miss our shopping discount codes for 20% off available at and in the discount sections. No benefits for us, just savings for those who help keep us free.

Alamo City Cards is one of the good-guys. Give him a link and he’ll give you a Huckabee bumper sticker.

Patti’s email continues,

Good morning! I was interviewed by Chowder in the Morning, a New Hampshire radio station on Tuesday about the project and ISU has me meeting with CSPAN on Monday! What a hoot! I am the leading academic expert on the bumper sticker at the moment. My huband says its like getting a degree in basket weaving. 🙂 You are welcome to share the story, I need to share it with Feminists for Life but this is “dead week” (the week you feel dead with no sleep) at school, the week that papers are due and everything comes to a crashing halt in preparation for finals next week. I am looking forward to a long winter’s nap some time late next week. Patti


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1 Response

  1. MS says:

    Did anyone reply to your request for a worth of a bumper sticker? I was a poli sci major in college and also remember hearing that a study had attributed a dollar amount value for each bumper sticker used.

    Several numbers have been thrown around but I can’t seem to find a solid study to prove it. Any help you may be able to provide is appreciated.