Huckabee Working in New Hampshire: Working the Phones


Update 25 Oct 2010: Helena (The Diva) just won the vote for president of her school class. We think she did so well because of her experience on the last presidential campaign. See video below.

8 January 2008, Your Business Blogger(R) and the Penta-Posse went to the Huckabee celebration joining Charmaine in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday night.

It was an over-flow room with an enthusiastic crowd. Supporters didn’t look like, or sound like those whose candidate finished… third.

Monday night we watched Janet Huckabee announce the Hucka-husband Mike after he flew back from doing Letterman. The rally was a gig at the VFW hall in Rochester. Some 1,300 showed up and cheered.

Janet is an outstanding speaker. We learned that she jumped out of a (perfectly good) airplane — parachuting with the Army’s Golden Knights.

Huckabee spoke with Chuck Norris (zero body fat) and jammed with the band. “Sweet Home Alabama.” Everyone sang along.

The younger voters rather enjoyed the bass-playing future president. The elders didn’t mind either.

The Diva and The Dude working the phones back in Iowa.

Video Credit: The Dreamer


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The weather was like Florida, the landscape was like, well, New Hampshire in winter with snow piled up. But 55 degrees. The Penta-Posse wants to go skiing in shorts.

Visit Chuck Norris Facts.

The only person not gaining weight on the campaign trail in Mike Huckabee. He still runs nearly everyday. These are not photo ops — but a lifestyle that keeps him physically and mentally fit. This is discipline. Running works for Huckabee.

Crying works for Hillary’s Moment,

By Howard Kurtz

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 8, 2008; 8:33 AM

News flash: Hillary shows emotion.

I don’t mean to be flip about it–all right, maybe just a little–but watching her choke up yesterday was a revealing moment.

It wasn’t that she started weeping or anything. If you’ve seen the video, her voice breaks and she seems briefly overcome.

The networks’ newscasts all led with it. The cable chatters chewed it over. By this morning, it was approaching Dean-scream frequency.

See Charmaine’s quote in USAToday today,

Senior adviser Charmaine Yoest said Huckabee’s showings in New Hampshire and Michigan would demonstrate the national appeal of the former Arkansas governor. “We think the polling data that shows our lead widening in South Carolina speaks pretty clearly about our chances there,” she added.


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