Mike Huckabee for President: "Romney Is No Conservative"


Alert Readers know that the best indicator of future performance is…past performance.

Is it possible to change at the age of 60? Your Business Blogger would hope that we all would embrace continuous learning and update our skills. And to embrace truth. At whatever age.


How many convictions can one man change — all at once — all at a mature age?

Change on Reagan?

Change on abortion?

Change on guns?

Change on homosexuals in the boyscouts?

And each of the changes of heart happens to coincide with position of the Republican conservative base?

This does not seem, as we say in academia, to be authentic.

Watch the clip: Huckabee suggests that Romney found conservative puberty at 60.

Voters should be slow to completely trust any teenager…


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: The wife of Your Business Blogger, Charmaine, has been a paid senior adviser to the Huckabee presidential campaign.

Correction: It is not known if Romney has changed his position on allowing homosexual Boy Scout Masters.


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