Wheeled Vehicle vs Tread: Range Rover vs Challenger Tank



Sherman Tank vs Ford Mustang,

Fort Knox, KY, ca 1978

credit: Your Business Blogger(R)

Back in the days of the horse cavalry, Your Business Blogger(R) served a tour of duty as an Armored Officer.

And volunteered at the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, KY. Working on restoring vintage military hardware.

One of the first lessons taught was that large armored tracked vehicles, ie, tanks, had limited fields of vision in close quarters. So a ground guide — a human walking in front and behind — was routinely assigned to keep the masses of metal from unnecessary collisions.

Not always successful.

Sometimes deadly.

Watch the video comparison test between another wheeled and a tracked vehicle. Surprise ending.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Credit to Marshall Manson from London for Twittering this comparison .

And no, I was not driving either vehicle…

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