Religion & Politics: Easter in Arizona, What Would Obama Do?


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Grand Canyon

A few years ago Alert Readers will recall that Your Business Blogger(R) et al attended a Sunrise Service on the rim of the Grand Canyon in John McCain’s home state. The Grand Canyon is Federal Property, but the surrounding locals quietly support a congregation of church and state.

McCain is a Red-State kind of guy — even though Arizona is one third blue.

So it is likely that McCain would permit a continuation of Easter Services on Federal Lands.

But would any Democrat candidate? Obama or Clinton?

We may have a hint. We know the church habits of Obama and the Clintons.



Cross, Courtesy Gapingvoid

Obama attends the Hate America First church and is mentored by Jeremiah Wright.

The Clintons attended Foundry Methodist church when they lived in the White House in Washington, DC.

Your Business Blogger(R) attended services a time or two at Foundry Methodist during the Clinton tenure. It is a liberal church that differs from Obama’s church only by degree, not kind. I stopped visiting.

Your Business Blogger(R), John Wesley Yoest, now has little use for the church founded by John Wesley.

The United Methodists at Foundry have run off the Biblical rails,

“…we proclaim this statement of welcome our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters: we affirm you…”

Obama and Clinton support liberal churches. Clinton’s church supports Obama’s church. It is likely they would both enforce liberal theology. It is certain Obama and Clinton will both support liberal positions.

Easter Sunrise Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Photo Credit: Hannah Yoest; The Dreamer


I would predict that either Democrat would shut down Easter Services at the Grand Canyon.

McCain would let the services continue.

Happy Easter.

Thank you (foot)notes:


Easter: He Is Risen; Family, Faith & Freedom

He is risen! He is risen indeed!


See Clinton’s church — Foundry’s supporting STATEMENT CONCERNING THE REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT — Obama’s church, at the jump.


The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times. He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society. He has been a vocal critic of the racism, sexism and homophobia which still tarnish the American dream. To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence. Dr. Wright, a member of an integrated denomination, has been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear. Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr. Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize. This is a critical time in America’s history as we seek to repent of our racism. No matter which candidates prevail, let us use this time to listen again to one another and not to distort one another’s truth.

Dean J. Snyder, Senior Minister

Foundry United Methodist Church

March 19, 2008


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