Did Mike Huckabee Change His Positions During the Campaign?


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Credit: Panoramic Visions/CPAC 2008 The Purple State-New York Times has a video on Mike Huckabee’s campaign. The clip claims that Huckabee changed, modified his positions once he became popular and donations came in. (Oh how these liberals love evolution…)

The narrator makes the assertion that Huckabee “compromised his position” on the conduct of the war.

The Purple Stater implies that Huckabee grew in office and had to change his positions on the war and immigration to satisfy big-money donors.

Two problems with the PS-NYT clip:

1.) Huckabee remained constant on his positions, and

2.) Big-money donors were not all that big.

Goodness, it would have been nice to be tempted by big donations. But the temptation was easily avoided because the really big money; wheel barrels full of cash weren’t there.

Alert Readers will recall that funding for Huckabee staff had to be cut back after the loss of South Carolina by 3 points to McCain. Most of the campaign workers were released, resigned or worked for free.

The clip speaks of Huckabee being “cavalier on going to battle.” This is a liberal interpretation, of course. In that there are no wars of which liberals approve. Huckabee as governor was most sensitive to the responsibilities of the leader sending soldiers into harm’s way. And that Huckabee saw this as a weighty — a deadly responsibility.

Just as he exercised the death penalty in Arkansas.

“Cavalier” is precisely the wrong word.

The New York Times gets Huckabee wrong. But this is not news.


Your Business Blogger(R)

was honored to be an

Official Blogger, CPAC 2008


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., served as Senior Advisor to the Huckabee for President Campaign.

Purple States: Huckabee Reviewed.

I would suggest that this clip is designed to malign Huckabee for his “deep conviction for life.” Abortion is the sacrament for the liberals’ theology.

Purple States is less Red than Blue,

“This election season, we aren’t interested in hearing politicians and pundits talk about what the people want. We don’t want analysts to trot out a list of issues that have polled well, or polled badly. We don’t want one campaign to focus-group-test a pitch here, and another campaign to focus-group-test a pitch there, and use the results to divide and conquer. We are tired of hearing about who is jockeying for first place in the presidential horse race. This election is about more than politics, politicians, or political science. It is about us.

We want to see a mother of three with medical bills of over $15,000 ask Mike Huckabee how his health insurance proposal can help her. We want to see a pistol-packing Republican ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama how they propose to keep the country safe. We want a man with Mexian-American [sic] grandchildren to talk with John McCain or Mitt Romney about their immigration policies, and be challenged by the wife of a construction worker whose livelihood is being threatened by cheap labor. This is Purple States. There is no filter and no script. We are a group of citizens who look like America, going nose-to-nose with the candidates and each other, asking the questions closest to our hearts, wrestling with the implications of this choice for us, our families, our communities, and our country.”

I’m not sure about the compassion of Purple States for the plight of immigrants when they can’t spell ‘Mexican.” This is liberalism defined: All heart; no brain.

Alert Readers know well that when compromise is presented, it is always the conservatives who must move. When does the liberal democrat change on abortion?

Purple States is run by Cynthia Farrar, Ph.D. from Yale University. Your Business Blogger(R) and Adjunct Professor of Management would challenge any reader to identify a pro-life conservative in the political science department at Yale. I would suggest Dr. Farrar is pro-abortion and wants a ‘pro-choice’ president. And uses Purple States to move the country from Red to Blue.

Special appreciation to Lisa De Pasquale, CPAC Director, The American Conservative Union. About CPAC 2008,

“… A showcase of the heart and soul of American conservatism”

Los Angeles Times

“… Unmatched in both the numbers it draws and the quality of speakers who appear”

The Politico

“ The nation’s premier gathering of conservatives…a key event for conservative candidates ever since the first gathering was held in 1974.”


Bob Wickers of Dresner, Wickers and Associates, is the genius behind the filming of the Huckabee TV spots. His firm is based in San Francisco (!).

Please email me any spelling corrections. Extra credit for the Alert Reader…

Watch Cynthia Farrar on Beet TV,


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