Dukakis in a tank, Obama: USMC


dukakis_tank.jpgAlert Readers will recall that Your Business Blogger(R) served as an Armored Cavalry Officer and trained in our nation’s Main Battle Tanks before moving on to the air transportable Sheridan.

The public and the military, voters all, were amused when presidential candidate, Dukakis, the liberal from Mass, donned a CVC helmet and went joy-riding in a tank.

It was incongruent.

It was inauthentic.

It was laughable.

Dukakis was no war-time leader: He is a liberal.

obama_usmc_basketball.jpgB. Obama is attempting the same military suck-up.

It will not work.

Obama wearing United States Marine Corps apparel is inauthentic.

And is that a woman he’s playing with?

If elected, Obama would put her in direct ground combat.

The following comes from John Howland and his readers at USNA-At-Large,

“Now comes BO impersonating a warrior…but the fact is that this incident is characteristic of BO’s MO —

USMC? Since When????

Even though this isn’t illegal or against military regs, who in the world does this [salty language description] think he is?

You didn’t earn it, you don’t wear it! I don’t care if already thinks he’s the commander in chief, this angers me.

Sure I’ll let my … wife wear mine, but she has to sacrifice just as much as I do for my country…”

Obama, the accomplished community organizer, should leave the heavy lifting of leadership to grown more experienced men.

He might also want to protect that basketball — bring it in a little closer in to his body. Does he think no one will take it from him? Like, maybe, a warrior like John McCain?


Charmaine still wears my old ROTC t-shirt. My kids occasionally wear my old fatigues — they are cool now-a-days. (I rather like that…) The Penta-posse can pull it off, but not Obama.


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2 Responses

  1. I agree totally. He clearly didn’t earn the right to wear it. My old Two Star used to say, “I left better men than that bleeding to death in the rice paddies of Southest Asia!”

    That shirt is clearly “above his Pay Grade!”

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Major CD, You are right: there is something about being down range that might build character…and budget your time, as one of my bosses would say (a mere 0-3).

    Charmaine reports that one of her Facebook buddies tells us why McCain will win the three-year-old vote: “Fighter pilots are cooler than community organizers.”

    Our liberal friends would then say that only a 3 year old would think like this. Which is why grown men, heros in uniforms bleed so that soft law professors like Obama can run for president.

    Men learn about honor…around the age of three.

    Thank you for your service,