Media Advisory: AUL President Dr. Charmaine Yoest Attending GOP Platform Deliberations, Available for Interviews


sonogram_side_by_side.jpgMINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President of Americans United for Life, is attending the Republican Platform Committee meetings August 26-27, and is available to media for interviews.

Dr. Yoest said, “Survey after survey confirms that Americans are becoming more pro-life each year. It is vital that the political parties understand this and incorporate it into their platforms.”

In a Gallup poll from May of this year, 71% of Americans want all abortions to be limited to rare circumstances or to be illegal. An ABC News / Washington Post poll this year indicated the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as “pro-life” has risen to tie a previous peak in the percentage of pro-life Americans. Recent polls by CBS News and by Zogby report substantially the same thing.

Dr. Yoest is available for interviews.

About Americans United for Life

Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which every human being is welcomed in life and protected in law. The first national pro-life organization in America, AUL has been committed to defending human life through vigorous judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels since 1971. The Wall Street Journal has profiled AUL, and PBS’s Frontline program chronicled AUL’s successful efforts in Mississippi.



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Is America Really Becoming More Pro-Life?


Charmaine gets to the 71 percent by adding the percent legal only under certain circumstances (54 percent) and illegal under all circumstances (17 percent).

Our abortion-friendly friends at Pandagon add the numbers a bit differently. They add the middle ground number of 54 percent to the 28 percent legal under all circumstances to arrive at 82%.

Does this mean that America wants abortion on demand throught all nine months and beyond as Pandagon suggests?

Nope. The 54 percent would include, say, my old boss, governor Gilmore of Virginia, who supported abortion only before the 13th week — but ran on a pro-life platform and promised a pro-life administration and followed through by hiring pro-lifers like Your Business Blogger(R).

This is what that 54 percent number means. Over half of the country wants real restrictions on abortion. People want parental notification when a teenager wants an abortion. Very few support Partial Birth Abortion. Very few women have abortions when they see a sonogram of their baby. People think a 24 hour waiting period is a good idea. Very few support abortion in the third trimester or would permit abortion for sex selection.

No one except for Obama and interesting characters like Professor Singer from Princeton want infanticide by neglect.

Americans want restrictions on abortions.


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1 Response

  1. Beak says:

    Otto Scott, the author and publisher of his ‘Compass,’ during the

    1980s-1990s wrote several books ­ James I: The Fool as King, and

    Robespierre: The Fool as Revolutionary ­ which unmasked the part played by

    ‘fools’ in high places which led to revolutionary movements on the world

    stage of history. He played an important part in my life as the first

    historian to prominently and positively review my 1996 book, The New

    Totalitarians, in his ‘Otto Scott’s Compass.’ Hence, the subject of this


    Senator John McCain has now continued the string of ‘fools’ in history

    by choosing Governor Sarah Lapin as his running mate for the presidency.

    This desperate, spur-of-the-moment, ill-considered, dangerously flawed, and

    wildly risky choice is a dramatic display of the poor judgment shown by John

    McCain throughout his lifetime. Robert Timberg, McCain’s biographer (pay

    attention to the footnote references at the hyperlink in the last paragraph

    below), has chronicled this pattern of recklessness in his seminal book, The

    Nightingale’s Song. McCain has not displayed a strong record of

    well-thought-out, well-considered judgments – his pattern has been more like

    a ‘crap shoot.’

    This surprising choice is not only a knee-jerk ‘grandstanding’ decision

    made by a crass, self-serving politician with a reputation for irrational

    behavior, but exposes his past as a person who would betray his country by

    advancing the radical feminist cause ­ one that has the potential of

    destroying American civilization. It is characteristic of his past political


    This choice has left voters with a terrible choice in the coming

    presidential election ­ an articulate, completely inexperienced young black

    politician with direct connections to the Black Muslim brotherhood of Black

    Power and a former prisoner of war who has played on that ‘hero’ role as a

    catapult to political prominence. John McCain has based his entire political

    career on the foundation of supporting the radical feminist (actually a

    cultural-Marxist) cause and now, glaringly, revealingly, shows his

    shallowness of mind by attempting to ride on the shoulders of Hillary

    Clinton’s ‘18 million’ primary campaign voters to victory on the road to the


    It is obvious that Sarah Palin is a bright young star in American

    politics. She has demonstrated, as the governor of Alaska, traits and an

    attitude that are admirable, courageous, and timely. But McCain is taking

    advantage of this gifted woman by attempting (with incredible naiveté) to

    use her ‘womanhood’ as a crutch to ‘steal’ Hillary’s radical feminist

    followers. Even if successful, it will cost him, and our nation, dearly.

    Sarah Palin has been thrown into the political ‘mosh pit’ at a time when

    her family of five youngsters ­ one, a baby, with a permanent cognitive

    disability ­ desperately need a constant mother’s care. She is completely

    naïve with respect to national security affairs. She is of the ‘correct’

    generation, the 13er generation, for leadership in America’s current Fourth

    Turning when the nation needs such leadership for the coming Social Moment.

    McCain’s choice is not fair to this inexperienced, overburdened woman, to

    his party, and to our nation. General David H. Petraeus of the same 13er

    generation would have been a much better choice for Vice President should

    (heaven forbid) McCain fail to outlive his first term (a second term is not

    possible). General Petraeus (the architect of the successful ‘surge’

    strategy in Iraq) is a member of a military which the American people regard

    with much higher esteem than any other institution in the land, especially

    that of the Mass Media, the Congress and the Presidency.

    But no, John McCain made the fatal ‘political’ choice, a woman bent on

    ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ of American politics. This is typical of John

    McCain’s political past. He has bowed to the radical feminists all through

    his political career.

    In 1993 I wrote an essay, The Annapolization of America: A Social Epidemic,

    I described a ‘Tipping Point,’ a magic moment when an idea, trend, or social

    behavior crosses a threshold, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single

    sick person can start an epidemic of the flu. It describes a process and the

    ‘actors’ required to foment a cultural revolution ­ such as the one which

    John J. Miller described in the National Review. His article, ‘Babylon Comes

    to Sparta: Have our service academies gotten too modern?’ (14 July 2003) was


    That article has meaning far beyond our nation’s premiere service

    academies. It is a description in microcosm of what has slowly overtaken

    America over the past 40 years ­ and spread in the ‘wink of an eye’ of

    cosmic time during the 1990s. And it comes to a head during the 2008

    election cycle.

    In a nutshell, Miller’s premise is that our nation’s premiere service

    academies are being forced to follow the lead of the Naval Academy in

    essentially purging the ‘warrior spirit,’ the ‘warrior ethos,’ from the

    training and education of our nation’s core combat leadership. Their

    education at Annapolis is producing a result that looks ‘too much like

    America.’ The numerical dominance and relative power of the civilian faculty

    at the Naval Academy is the touchstone of Miller’s argument. But it is more

    than that, much more. What we have seen occur at the Academy is an example

    of a tiny grain of seed ­ the seed of the ‘socialization’ of not only the

    U.S. military, but every institution in the land.

    I have written extensively on this subject. Two books, numerous articles

    published in the FORUM section of The Sunday Washington times and a

    voluminous set of essays on my website provide evidence, detailed

    foundational evidence, that Miller has it just right. Miller’s article may

    have been a tad late, but, finally, the subject has been exposed to a

    national audience. The problem, however, is much broader and deeper in

    America than just at the Naval Academy. The epidemic has spread across the

    land ­ to every institution, including attempts to dissolve the family unit,

    the basic building block of any long-lasting civilization.

    Read a pre-publication copy of the September/October 2008 issue of my Eternal Vigilance journal (a hyperlink to which appears on my website scroll down to the bottom of the front page) to learn how Senator John McCain has been at the forefront in supporting this revolution. This issue of the journal also unmasks in minute detail the true background of Barack Obama, who Charles Krauthammer describes as ‘The Perfect Stranger’ (Washington, 08/29/08), but without the subterfuge of effete prose by a Washington pundit. Indeed, we have a Hobson’s Choice in this coming election. A choice between a Black Liberation Theology (Black Power) candidate ­ and a slinky, opportunistic, behind-the-scenes supporter of radical feminism.

    You may read this stuff and weep. But read it. And, regardless of who

    becomes our next president, we had all had best be prepared to pick up the


    Best Regards,