MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on What Sarah Palin Means for Conservatives with The Harbour League


Charmaine will be on a conference call hosted by The Harbour League this afternoon.

Pick up your phone, join the call, and learn what thought leaders and key influencers are saying about the Sarah Palin phenomenon.

The Harbour League

Presents a Conference Call

What Sarah Palin Means for Conservatives

Rarely do Vice-Presidential candidates get the attention that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is currently receiving. No other vice presidential candidate in modern history has excited their base and caused such concern and scrutiny into leadership experience, foreign policy and national security qualifications, and family values by the other party as has Sarah Palin.

Please join the Harbour League for a conference call to discuss what Governor Sarah Palin means to the McCain ticket.

Presenters include:

Herb London, Hudson Institute President & THL Trustee, will take a look at Sarah Palin and her exposure to Foreign Policy.

Grover Norquist, American’s for Tax Reform President & THL Trustee, will give an overview what Gov. Palin offers to conservatives and why all the concern from the left.

Mark Hyman, Syndicated TV Commentator & THL Trustee, will discuss the media’s attention to Sarah Palin

Allison Kasic, Director of The R. Gaull Silberman Center for Collegiate Studies at Independent Women’s Forum, will address what the nomination of Gov. Palin means to conservative women

Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life Action, President, will discuss what Sara Palin means and would as Vice President mean to the pro-life movement

WHEN: 4:30 PM, Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHERE: Conference Call

The conference call access information is:

Phone number: 1-218-486-1300

Access Code: 788-041


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1 Response

  1. Walt says:

    Hi Charmaine,

    Great job on the Harbour League conference call.

    Eli did a wonderful job bringing all of that talent together.

    Its good to hear that you and Jack will have VA in hand by November, Walt