Will FOCA Pass Congress?


Join Fight FOCA Yes, unless we stop it.

Unfortunately the proposed law has got friends.

FOCA is the proposed legislation that would eliminate all regulation and oversight of abortion. No parental notification for minors. No licensed doctors doing the cutting.

So how can we be so sure FOCA might be a-coming?

Because of the relationships of Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood.


I’ve had both a dot gov email address and ran a dot com software company; now I teach.

At the start of every semester, Your Business Blogger(R) instructs my class on how Business Gets Done.

It is not technique. It is not brilliance. It is not killer apps. It is not resources. It is not capital.

Business Gets Done thru relationships.

The Business of Politics is no different.

Barack Obama promised Cecile Richards that FOCA would be the first item of law that Obama would sign.

Obama will sign FOCA because it will be forced thru congress.cecile_richards_obama.jpg

It will be forced thru congress because Nancy Pelosi wants FOCA.

Nancy Pelosi wants FOCA because Cecile Richards wants FOCA.

Cecile Richards, Barack Obama

Here is where Cecile Richards earns her million dollar salary:

Cecile and Nancy are very close. And not because Planned Parenthood gives campaign donations to Democrats.

Cecile Richards used to work for Nancy Pelosi.

Cecile Richards served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Pelosi when Nancy was House Minority Leader.

Cecile served her boss well. Pelosi will reward Cecile Richard’s loyal service; good friends. Kindred spirits. Pro-Abortion.

Relationships. Get Business Done.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Stop them both: Please visit fightFOCA and sign the petition.

The petition has almost reached 299,000. If you are number 300,000, please let us know for a special treat.

If FOCA gets anywhere get ready for a cultural battle!!!

See Ladies for Life

Why I decided not to be an abortionist.

Something Matters

What Planet are you living on?

See Americans United for Life blog.


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  1. Johnna says:

    I am a single woman. I am the aunt of 14 nieces and nephews. I cherish each and every one of them. Three of them are adopted. They continue to remind me which ones are adopted because I keep forgetting. I can’t imagine life without these children. I can’t imagine not having these children with us here on earth. These children were given a chance at life…..as I just heard from someone who lives his faith…If you are not given the chance at life…what else is there?