Paul Weyrich Reqiescat in Pace


weyrich_heritage.jpg Paul Weyrich died last night too young at 66. He was the first president of the Heritage Foundation and was founder and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation.

At a tribute for Weyrich on Sept 10, 2008, George Will recounted a special encouragement from Paul decades ago.

George Will has a son with Down Syndrome. When he was born, Paul called him. “George,” said Paul, “You are so lucky. Your son is like the angels.” George hesitated. Every parent would think this of his newborn son. But a child with Down Syndrome?

“He is like the angels because he will never know sin…”

Those same angels carried Weyrich home.


Weyrich was a pioneer in the conservative movement. He assembled and managed a talented team — he had content and was a pioneer in focusing on communicating the message.

net.JPGOne of his ventures in the early nineties was National Empowerment Television, NET. C-Span with an attitude. Charmaine appeared a number of times on his show. She says, “He was always so gracious; a gentleman.” We were excited to get his signed Christmas cards over the years.


See Rob Bluey at the Heritage blog.

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger(R) conducted management training at Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation facility. He made the space available for the good of the conservative community. At no charge. We will miss his leadership and generous spirit.


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