The Best Dad T-Shirt



The T-Shirt comes as a gift from my son, The Dude, whom I love and in whom I am well pleased.

Pull My Finger

When he was four or so, he said when he got older he wanted to have a little boy. It seemed like such fun, I guess.

Meanwhile, The Dude will have to settle for the two males in his life who have yet to grow up:

His little brother.

His Dad.

Thumbnail image for dude_your_business_blogger_basketball.png

The Dude and Your Business Blogger(R)

Alert Readers know Your Business Blogger(R) teaches business and that “you never let them see you sweat.”

The leader must be cool.

And never sweat.

Like the President-Elect Obama.

obama_smoking_hat_drudge.jpgObama in his youth smoking…Kools?

This is not a role model.

Now, Obama would be cool, if —

If he was wearing a T-Shirt with Pull My Finger

That would be cool, even when sweating.


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