22 Weeks, A Half Million Signatures & The March


22-weeks.jpgThe movie theater was packed. But no one was eating popcorn. No one was expecting to be entertained.

No one expected a good time.

However, expectations were exceeded. We were watching a movie about pain and death.

A movie about abortion.

There are over 500 serious botched abortions, re: Live Births, each year.

The movie 22 Weeks tells the true story of one of them.


Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) attended a screening of 22 Weeks in Washington, DC.

We talked with director Angel Manuel Soto after his movie. Charmaine commented that the film was well done. Hollywood quality. (This was, in this case, a compliment.)

Charmaine asked about the funding. Soto said 22 Weeks was “low budget.”

What does that mean? “How low?” Charmaine asked.

“$25,000 from two donors,” said director.

$25K? For a film that might change the world.

Soto feels that the story is compelling and could be a game changer. (Let’s not call it a killer app…)

He feels the movie can change the culture on abortion, like the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin changed the nation’s emotions on slavery.

When Harriet Beecher Stowe visited the White House during the War Between The States, Lincoln greeted her, “So this is the Little Lady Who Started this Great War.

Perhaps 22 Weeks will start a different kind of war.

Join Fight FOCA


Alert Readers know that Charmaine will be speaking at the Blogs 4 Life just before the annual March for Life.

She will be speaking to alternative media outlets. She will lead with the news that the Americans United for Life Action web site FightFOCA.com petition crossed over to 500,000 signatures tonight on the eve of the March.


As Charmaine and I walked thru Union Station to catch 22 Weeks, we noticed that it was a bit more crowded than usual.

“Maybe all these people came for the Obama inauguration — and are staying over for the 22 Weeks movie…?” I asked.

Charmaine just looked at me, “Not likely.”


Thank you (foot)notes:

Fight FOCA with Catching Butterflies

Royalty expounds on FOCA.


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9 Responses

  1. SoMG says:

    Half a million signatures? FIGHTFOCA’s been up more than a month. There’s more than 300million people in USA. And you’ve got just half a million signatures in all that time? And you’re BRAGGING about that???

    It’s like Charlie Chaplin–funny, but also pathetic.

  2. SoMG says:

    Does the movie about a botched abortion point out that the childbirth which the abortion prevents is eleven times more dangerous to the patient than the abortion is (by any reasonable definition of “dangerous”, as in, any abortion complication you care to name is about eleven times more likely to happen in childbirth than in early abortion, and likely to be more severe when it does happen)?

    Just wondering.

  3. Jack Yoest says:

    Dear SoMG, the petition is now approaching 3/4 of a million signers. 3/4 of a million of any thing is a significant number.

    Your Business Blogger(R) is not aware of any Pro- FOCA petition. That would make that number: zero.

    750,000 is a bit larger than 0.

    Planned Parenthood and Obama may not address FOCA directly. The abortion lobby and the abortion president may, as Charmaine says, “move FOCA by stealth.”

    To trick the American public, to (thankfully) not keep a campaign promise?

    That would be, well, pathetic.

    But I do feel the liberals’ pain:

    Troops are still in Iraq.

    Terrorists are still Gitmo.

    Gates is SecDef.

    Lobbyists are running the Obama government.

    Obama surrounds himself with Tax Cheats.

    American has not been attacked since 9.11.

    No wonder liberals have turned so snarky…

    And to make it worse for Obama — the last liberal talk show in Washington, DC shut down.

    No one listened.

    Couldn’t get an audience.

    Bill Bennett, conservative drive-time talk-show commentator has seen his numbers double in DC.

  4. SoMG says:

    Jack, Obama’s been Prez, for what, two weeks? You might want to wait a little before you write him off. Two weeks after the beginning of his presidency, GWB was POPULAR! And we’ll see what will happen with FOCA. It’s pretty clear that Obama is going out of his way right now to make Republicans feel more important than they are. I’m not sure why.

    Yeah, liberals are more likely to be people who think in longer, more complicated sentences than the childish soundbites one usually hears on talk radio, where the programs are after all designed to be appealing even if you are only driving a short time, or tune in during the middle of the program. So I’m not surprised by what you said. (Do you know many right-wing radio hosts? I knew one fairly popular one in Pittsburgh in the 1990s who told me they all get together at bars and laugh at their audiences. I asked what his politics were and he said “Do you mean personally, or on-the-air?”)

    3/4 million of ANYTHING is significant, you said? How about 3/4 million atoms of copper? You need million-dollar equipment just to detect something that small.

    How about 3/4 million Zimbabwe dollars? They now issue fifty-billion-dollar banknotes. That’s fifty Billion with a “Bee”.

    Go review that short movie “Powers of Ten”. Did you see that in high-school?

    And about America not being attacked since 9111, yeah, that’s because of GWBush! He protected us by boldly going into Iraq and killing all the terrorsts, and by setting aside those obstructive Geneva Conventions’ prohibition on torture; also by setting aside habeus corpus, which was originally written into the Constitution by Islamist agents cunningly disguised as Founding Fathers, in order to enable future terrorists. (Islam takes the long view!) Shuuuuuure. Hey we didn’t lose any cities to catastrophic earthquakes while he was prez either. Thank you, W!

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    SoMG, 3/4 of a million individuals is a large number and is significant. No, we are not talking about molecules — we are talking about men (and women). Not atoms, but Adams (and Eves and Steves).

    (Yes, even some Steves. A sizable number of homosexuals are Pro-Life. This population segment believes that there is a gene for homosexuality and if detected might lead to termination — just as we now have sex-selection abortion — kill all those useless girls! — we will have homosexual abortion selection.)

    We know a number of talk-show hosts. Charmaine, as Alert Readers know, has appeared on almost all of the shouting-shows and we’ve cross paths with most of them personally. (Charmaine even filled in as a talk show host. She reports that it is one of the hardest jobs in show business — Rush and Hannity make it look easy.) Every conservative talk show host I’ve met is smarter that Al Franken. And more logical than Cumo. And more likable than Madow. And, yes, funnier than Bill Maher. And more balanced than Chris Matthews (although he did vote for Bush…).

    Squirting water up the nose of a terrorist is not torture. It does feel like torture, however. But for liberals feelings are everything. Logic is nothing. Terrorist are not protected by the Geneva Convention. A combatant out of uniform can be and should be executed. Like we did in WWII. We won that war. But then what do liberals know about the rules war-fighting?

    No matter. Obama will be surrendering soon enough. Then the war can continue with greater intensity on our shores. Feminists in burkas. Homosexuals on the gallows. Lesbian Madow would be hung in her burka.

    Abortion is illegal under Shari law. But this is not quite the process pro-lifers would support.

    And who was that talk show host you mentioned in Pittsland? Name names.

    Thank you for your comments,


  6. Jack Yoest says:

    True story. In the movie 22 Weeks the baby was born alive in the locked bathroom of abortion office. The mom was alone. The mom then regretted her abortion and contacted the EMT’s thru 911.

    The mom instantly became Pro-Life when her baby was born and she held him as the life ebbed out of him. She cried.

    The abortion office turned the paramedics away when they responded to the 911 emergency.

    We met the mother and the movie director. 22 Weeks is a compelling movie — do not let young children watch. The horror depicted is not suitable for the sensitive.

    And the horror continues. Another baby was born alive in Florida — a botched abortion — and suffocated by the abortion staff. Obama has supported this action. FOCA would permit the withholding medical care from a baby born alive during an abortion.

    We need more regulation of abortion offices — not less as FOCA does.

    Americans United for Life is looking for one of our Pro-Choice liberal friends to defend these murders.

    Perhaps you could take a stab at it. So to say…

    Abortion kills a baby harms the woman.

    Thank you for reading,

    Jack (and Charmaine)

  7. SoMG says:

    You wrote: “SoMG, 3/4 of a million individuals is a large number and is significant.”

    In a country with population greater than 300 million, no, it’s not. Sorry. Go review: Statistics and Probability 101, Epidemiology 101.

    Sure the Geneva Conventions do not protect terrorists, but the prisoners under discussion are SUSPECTED terrorists. Not terrorists. Nor are they combatants, except for those who were arrested in the act of hurting someone. The others are SUSPECTED combatants.

    Seriously, what do you think the Founding Fathers would have said about the President being able to single-handedly designate any American as a terrorist, a combatant, and a wartime-enemy, and then to order him arrested and held indefinitely without access to lawyers nor courts? The President isn’t even supposed to be able to declare war.

    And war is a very poor model for understanding terrorism. Terrorism is much more like smuggling than like war. The phrase “war on terror” is meaningful only as a metaphor, as in “war on poverty” or “war on drugs”. Real wars begin and end. The need to prevent terror will never end.

    My position on babies accidentally born alive during failed abortions: we should apply all possible life-saving and life-sustaining measures regardless of cost, and then sent the bill for these services, with a generous markup, to a RTL organization–the Vatican, or NRLC, or whatever. Tell them if they don’t pay up promptly we’ll feed the next born-alive to a snake.

    Jack, I notice you mention homosexuals a lot. Everything ok at home?

  8. Jack Yoest says:

    The Americans United for Life Petition will pass one million signers in a few weeks. This is a leading indicator of support that will command the attention of Obama and the legislators.

    If you know of a Pro-FOCA petition of any size, please let us know.

    You are correct: The terrorists at Gitmo are not entitled to the protections of the Geneva Convention. They are stateless, lawless killers not wearing a distinctive uniform — they should have been shot on sight.

    Terrorists have now the due process the protection of a military tribunal that seeks out the truth. If our uniformed services catch you with a weapon on a battle field you should not be released until the jihadists surrender.

    Not going to happen, you say?

    Fine. The Jihadists can enjoy their martyrdom on this side of eternity — behind bars.

    And yes, if a woman decides to keep a baby instead of aborting, please contact any local crisis pregnancy center in your community.

    If you are suffering from the trauma of abortion, please contact Racheal’s Vinyard at http://www.rachelsvineyard.org/.

    Everything is fine at home, SoMG, thank you for asking. The Dude is throwing 73 mph. The Dreams is a sub 8-2K. The Diva got a call-back. The Dancer is cartwheeling and The Bo-Baby is scoring every basketball game. The Alert Reader can learn more on our Facebook.

    For Friends.

    Your sex-obsession has become troll-like.

    Thanks for commenting,


  9. SoMG says:

    And you wrote: “The terrorists at Gitmo are not entitled to the protections of the Geneva Convention. They are stateless, lawless killers not wearing a distinctive uniform — they should have been shot on sight.”

    I agree with you. But what about the prisoners at Gitmo who are NOT terrorists?