7 step syllabus for training in The Practice of Management

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I must control events, or events will control me. John Adams, 2nd President

Following is the 7 step syllabus for training in The Practice of Management

1. Management and the Myth: Why everything you learned about managing is wrong.

Plan, Organize, Lead, Control. This is the traditional definition of management. Managers are taught the four parts equally with dangerous career-killing assumptions.

2. Staffer & Manager. Night & Day. Black & White. As far as the East is From the West.

Learn the mindsets of the efficient staffer and the effective manager. What is the key difference between the staffer-individual contributor-subordinate and the manager?

3. “Batting Average” non-perfect management model.

Managers: Your staff must be perfect. You must NOT be perfect. Learn the real differences between the staffer-individual contributor-subordinate and the manager.

4. The Manager’s Work (Plan, Organize, Control)

plus the Manager’s Network (Leadership) equals success.

How to Build the Manager’s Web of relationships. Three parts deal with traditional vocational skills. But only one, Lead (influence and motivate) is the real management talent. And it receives the least amount of attention.

5. Who’s zooming who? Understand the Buying & Selling & Persuasion in office politics.

Manager to staff: You must persuade me… You must sell me.

I agree with you, I want to do it…now make me do it, FDR

6. The Manager’s two greatest fears, and how to cope.

Every morning when the manager looks at her staff, she has two paralyzing fears – twin terrors she shares with no one:

1. That her direct reports will not do exactly as she directs. And,

2. That her direct reports will do exactly as she directs.

7. Why Managers micro-manage. Why is the boss is a Nervous-Nellie?

Who needs training? The manager…or the staff? It might depend on what the manager is working with. I’ve got kids at home. I don’t need any at work. Empower workers? Nope. Not if I’ve got nothing but children. HR, send me a grown up!


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Northern Virginia Community College, JYoest@nvcc.edu, 202.215.2434

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