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The Ultimate Human Resource Management: Your Own.

You are in control of your own career. Start now.

Learn how to earn that promotion. Learn how to get that job.

On April 29, 2009 from 11am to 12:15 a career management seminar will be conducted at The NOVA Theater at the Alexandria Campus of the Northern Virginia Community College.

Save the date. The seminar is at no-charge and is open to the public. Space is limited and registration is required. Email me to hold your seat.

We will cover:

The five rules to getting promoted:

1) Don’t make the boss nervous.

2) Deliver Completed Staff Work.

3) Adopt the US Army’s definition of discipline (and it’s not what you think).

4) Find a friend.

5) Get your boss promoted.

Your next big job. It will be:

A) From someone you know (slightly).

B) A created position.

C) In high technology.

The thoughtful professional knows that he is constantly selling his knowledge, skills and abilities to his boss and to his peers.

The professional knows also that each position on the company organization chart can be an opportunity to be groomed with a track record of success — to move easily to a higher level…or another company.

The professional in a job search has the choice of pro-actively conducting a sales and marketing campaign to move to his next assignment by selling the intangible of his talent.

If the seminar attendee is on the job market, his choice is networking or not working.

The seminar reviews the steps needed to secure more responsibility within an organization or even another position inside his company — or outside his current employer.

The purpose of this career management seminar is to increase your value to your current employer and to your future company.

And to prepare the attendee to move and to be ready to change jobs in a fast changing, uncertain world.

Who: Professionals interested in earning a promotion or seeking increased responsibilities or in conducting a job search.

What: The career management seminar will equip the attendee with strategies and tactics on how to increase the attendees’ value in the marketplace of talent and to command greater compensation in another position.

When: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 11:00am to 12:15pm

Where: Northern Virginia Community College,

Alexandria Campus, campus map

The NOVA Theater; the new Bisdorf Auditorium, room 196

3001 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311 street map

Why: To enable the attendee to gain the greatest return on the attendees’ time and talent in his income-producing career.

Cost: No Charge. Register here at Space is limited.

Jack Yoest, Adjunct Professor of Business at NOVA and President of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a former Armored Cavalry Officer in Combat Arms. For over 30 years he has managed software, health care and international human resource management companies. His experience spans the military, Fortune 500, government, start-ups, non-profits, media and academia.

He conducts career management training for professionals in industries from law to government, from for-profit businesses to non-for-profit organizations, from military to media.

He has participated in hundreds of personal interviews of job candidates and has been instrumental in the hiring of thousands of employees.

Jack also served in the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth Virginia as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources where he acted as the Chief Technology Officer for the secretariat. He was responsible for the successful Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion for the 16,000-employee unit.

He was also a sales account manager with a medical device start-up and helped move sales from zero to over $12 million, opening over 300 accounts, resulting in a buy-out by Johnson & Johnson.

Jack has consulted across industries and in China and India.

Questions?, or call Jack at 202.215.2434.

Come to this class.

Parking info at the jump.


Thank you (foot)notes and suggested class reading:

Four steps to getting a job.

Helping sentences for employee evaluations.

Tattoos on your job search.

The secret on how to get a letter of recommendation.

Save the Date: April 29, 2007

Please pass this link on to a friend who might be interested.

Event registration is also available to Friends on Facebook.

Details also at Management Training of DC, LLC.

Follows is parking information if you will be able to join us.

If by car, street map.


X Marks the spot, the Bisdorf lecture hall/auditorium room 196. (The NOVA Theater.)

Northern Virginia Community College

Alexandria Campus

3001 North Beauregard Street 22311

Circled are metered parking lots for visitors without NVCC parking permits.

The auditorium/lecture hall is at the east wing of the Bisdorf Building. Please know that the parking at the Beauregard Street Garage (AP) is convenient but there is a short up-hill walk to Bisdorf.

If by Metro, you might wish to stop at King Street on the Blue Line. The NVCC Alexandria Campus is served by the DASH #6 and Metrobus lines 7A, E, F; 25A, B, F, G, J, P, R, B, C. Please allow 30 minutes travel from King Street Metro. For more transportation information call 202.637.7000.


Thank you (foot)notes,

* Alert Readers know that there is no free lunch. The seminar is not ‘free.’ It is provided ‘at no charge’ as a public service courtesy of the Northern Virginia Community College and the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Students, remember to email to me the names of your guests.

Louis the XVIII once said that Punctuality is the courtesy of kings. However, if your busy schedule prevents your prompt arrival at 11am, please come even if delayed. The auditorium is designed so that late attendees will not disturb the presentation. Better late than never.

PowerPoint slides here:

job search; job promotion.ppt

Thank you to Tom McMahon for pointing Your Business Blogger(R) to a compelling job-search marketing campaign. And be sure to visit Tom’s 4-Block World. Smart. Entertainment.


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