Liberal Democrats Working to Get Abortion in HealthCare Bill


Abortion Tax Dollars in HealthCare

Breaking News: Call Now on Stupak/Pitts! Liberals working hard on a Saturday (always a bad sign) to get abortion in the healthcare monster-bill.

We’re driving home from Charmaine’s office last night when she gets a call from a Hill Decision-Maker, “They are putting it in. Pelosi’s got Stupak in her office now.”

And it wasn’t pretty.

They were/are working to get abortions paid for with taxpayer dollars — in some misdirection or some trickery.

We are not sure that Stupak has been released from Pelosi’s office.

Here’s Charmaine’s email from AUL,

Since my message to you yesterday morning, news on the health care bill has changed almost hourly. Then my phone rang around dinner time Friday evening with the news that the Democrats in the House were meeting behind closed doors with Speaker Nancy Pelosi to try to work a deal to solve “the abortion problem.”

The inside reports we had were that the Speaker was working to craft a deal that she would describe as “pro-life” that would still keep Planned Parenthood happy. No surprise there.

But now, as I write this at 2:41 AM, we’ve received the news that the Democratic leadership WILL ALLOW A VOTE on the pro-life amendment by Bart Stupak (seen right) and Joe Pitts!

Your calls and emails have made the difference.

Because of your efforts, Speaker Pelosi did not have the votes to shut out pro-life concerns and continue to refuse to allow a vote on the Stupak/Pitts amendment.

Now we have to win that vote.

Please take a moment right now to call Rep. James Moran (202) 225-4376 and tell him/her to vote YES on Stupak/Pitts and keep abortion out of health care reform.

If Nancy Pelosi has her way, health care reform will be the LARGEST expansion of taxpayer dollars for abortion in our history.

Be a part of this important moment for the pro-life movement: Please call now. The debate is slated to start at 9am ET! Call now, and then get as many of your friends to call as possible.

Many of you have been writing to say that you’ve already called and want to know what to do next. The BEST thing you can do at this point is to find more people to call: Please forward this email to as many of your friends as you can and ask them to call too. THANK YOU!

The situation will change rapidly, so we will be posting information as we have it on the AUL blog, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Stay hopeful and we will all continue to press in together – we hear that Speaker Pelosi and the abortion lobby do not yet have the votes they need to pass this anti-life health care legislation. Wavering Congressmen need to hear from us. So thank you for standing strong with us today to show Congress that Real Health Care Respects Life!

For Life,

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO

P.S. Please help us continue fighting through supporting our efforts to protect and defend life by following this link to a secure donation page.

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