January 22; An Elevated Vision To Be Followed
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22 January

When they saw the star, they were overjoyed

Matthew 2:10

An Elevated Vision To Be Followed

A Simple Star

In 1901, four Texans founded the Texaco Oil Company to sell gasoline. Back in the day, gas was pumped by male attendants, usually in uniform. Texaco had a star for a logo (as one would expect being from the Lone Star State). Their marketing jingle in 1962 was, “You can trust your car to the man who wears the star.”

The message was broadcast everywhere. Simple, compelling and successful, Advertising Age named it one of the top 100 ad campaigns of the century.

The ad writers were on to something. The jingle evoked a star in the heavens one can depend on — to plot a course by.

Another star reminds us how management can lead a business. The Star of Bethlehem was the guide that directed the Three Wise Men to the newborn Christ.

The Magi were “from eastern regions,” which modern scholars suggest would be a thousand miles to the east of Palestine. The star is described as a light in the evening sky.

Matthew 2:10 says, When they saw the star, they were overjoyed.

The Magi were wise men who understood the star and the course it would take leading them to the Christ. Having a clear vision brought them joy.

The Star of Bethlehem provided direction. It removed uncertainty and reduced ambiguity. It provided a vision of a direction that could be trusted.

The Star was a simple message that was understood. It was bright and noticeable and compelling. It was elevated and could be seen over vast distances.

Your company vision should be as reliable and clear as a Star in the heavens.



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