February 8; The Kinder, Gentler Gender Gets Mentored
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8 February

Older women to…teach what is good…

urge the younger women…

Titus 2:3-5

The Kinder, Gentler Gender Gets Mentored

Good Girls

Yoest sisters  Sarah, top; Helena right Hannah, lower Exorcist Stairs, DC 2012

Yoest sisters
Sarah, top; Helena right
Hannah, lower
Exorcist Stairs, DC

Women are now earning advanced degrees and occupying Wall Street corner offices. But only 4% of the S&P 500 CEO’s are women.

What’s going on?

Women have the time and talent; the smarts and the sheepskin. The issue may not be the Glass Ceiling. Women have proven capable in reaching any floor in any building. It is not a ceiling that limits women. It may be the walls.

Jean Rostollan and Rhonda Levene suggest in their book, Glass Walls that women are often excluded from male dominated business-office-political workings.

However, there is a greater opportunity that women can control: The Future.

It seems that women network less than male counterparts. Accomplished female managers seem less inclined to mentor younger women.

The women need a process (let’s not call it an “Old Girls’ Club”) like the Good Ol’ Boys who take care of their own gender.

Titus offers wisdom from the ages in 2:3-5, older women to…teach what is good…urge the younger women… Here’s a three-step process to reveal how women can nurture future female CEO’s:

  1. Women of all ages: You are in control of your career. Not the Human Resources Department, not your boss, and not Your Business Professor (sorry). Nobody owes you anything. You are in control of your life and “Don’t be a victim” as Jack Welsh reminds us.

Young ladies, you will have to find your own mentor who has enough experience to help. Start by,

  1. Finding a female friend: It is best to have a same-gender advisor. No matter what the blather from academics, journalists or consultants a young woman better not be spending to much quality time together with an older man. Stuff happens (if you know what I mean and I think you do). And if sparks don’t fly rumors will. And remember,
  1. There is no free lunch: The mature woman who can render expert guidance has finite time and unlimited demands. She can carve out the scheduling if you are worth her time. How? Your mentor will have a number charity projects. Demonstrate that you are not a charity case. Volunteer for doing her favors. Act as her second or third assistant (which she desperately needs). Tell her that you are in her debt and will find a way to repay her now and in the future.

Young women, if this fails, you may have to buy yourself a mentor. These people are called “consultants” and will provide a service for a fee. Hire a coach if you haven’t been able to persuade a mentor.

And women: Be a Good Girl and be a mentor whenever a younger woman asks. It will happen soon enough.



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