February 19; If You Are Moving Up Get Ready To Move Away
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19 February

A prophet is not without honor except in his own town.

Mark 6:4

If You Are Moving Up Get Ready To Move Away


He got promoted. His former-fellow individual contributors, his peers gave him a party for his entry into his first management job. But…

They hated him.

Why? If familiarity breeds contempt then a promotion can give birth to something worse: the loss of influence among the staffers left behind.

Senior management bestows authority; the mantle for a position. The command position, granted by a legitimate ruling authority, is a right to get things done through others. This right is recognized by the organization.

The manager has the authority, the right to ‘plan, organize, lead and control.’ But will he succeed if he is left in his old chain of command?

Probably not.

A manager can have authority but no influence. He now has the right to command but he may not be able to command respect. He probably will not have the real power—the real influence over his former peers. He can issue orders. But will he be effective?

Her old buddies see her and know her with all her flaws: she is no better than they are. But she got promoted. They wonder, “Who does she think she is?” And she is not alone.

This also happened to Jesus. It will happen to you.

Jesus grew up in Nazareth working with his hands as son of a humble carpenter. They knew him as the local home-schooled boy. And now he gets himself promoted to Messiah? Nice kid. But really, Jesus?

You will have the authority but you may not have influence among the people you grew up with. In Mark 6:4, Jesus said, A prophet is not without honor except in his own town.

Your own town, your own team will not respect you. Others will. In another town; in another company; in another business silo. Go there.

Many organizations have promote-from-within policies where talented employees are acknowledged with more responsibilities and titles. Wise companies will move the newly minted manager to a different part of the org chart.

As you move into your first management position:

  1. Expect to be re-located, and
  1. Do not expect to be cheered by former co- workers.

Your former petty-peers will hate you. As they did The Christ.



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