April 7; Managing Wedlock as a Condition of Profitable Employment
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Chapter Four: Relationships; 7 April

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself…

Ephesians 5:33a

Managing Wedlock as a Condition of Profitable Employment


Is it possible that a CEO can lead a business and to be the greatest wealth creator in history—and not manage a marital relationship?

Yes, Jack Welch is on wife number three (at this writing). He is almost 80 so spouse #3 might survive by running out his biological clock.

The former chairman and CEO of General Electric proves that making money is easier to manage than a marriage.


Gentlemen, following is a three-step management process to secure one wife (as in accounting–think credit) and not run up the numbers with extra wives (think debits).

The management of this unique relationship begins with an auto respond, default answer set to conserve buffer space. Wives are always asking the right questions.

The manager-husband now has a guide for a correct and timely response.

The Complete Married Man’s guide has three replies for any utterance from the Little Woman. If you are married or someday plan to be, then memorize.

  1. I’m sorry.

The old movie Love Story, starring the former vice president under Bill Clinton, Al Gore, had as its thesis, Love is never having to say you’re sorry. The Love Story, as Gore reminded us, is based on Al and his college sweetie. And offers a counter case study in proper responses in love and marriage.

Gore, who once confused getting the hots for his wife Tipper with global warming, is also wrong about apologizing.

The apology is the core of marital harmony. It is number one.

Love is always saying you’re sorry.

[If you ever want to have marital relations again, you better be sorry. Start now.

removed by Charmaine, editrix…]

I’m sorry, dear.

Your Business Professor is up to 17 I’m sorry’s per day to Charmaine. I really am remorseful, even if I can’t figure out the transgression.

It’s the same tactic the manager could, use with your Human Resource Manager: it’s easier to confess and act contrite and hope she leaves and takes OSHA, EEOC and FEMA and the rest of the government alphabet with her. — I’m trying to run a business, here. — Anyway, this admission of guilt is nearly impossible for the alpha males, I know.

But it must be done to keep the marital head count at 1.

  1. Yes, dear.

All purpose response. Use whenever in doubt.

  1. I didn’t notice.

This response is the most difficult to master and requires years of practice. It is usually needed when she asks about weight gains during pregnancies and holidays. Or anything involving the size of anything and her swimsuit.

Or any other woman’s swimsuit.

Here’s how it works with a practiced pro, such as Your Business Professor.

L to R  Carolina, Charmaine James

L to R
Carolina, Charmaine

We recently had a houseguest, Carolina, a super model visiting from Mexico. And Charmaine says, “Isn’t she beautiful?” I struggle for a response. I reach for number three.

“Oh?” says I. “I didn’t notice.”

I didn’t notice. Then Carolina left and Charmaine wrote an article on young women who are larger than life. And included pictures.

But I didn’t noticed. Nope. Never.

However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself… Ephesians 5:33a




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