May 7; Profitability Can Be Seen With Transparency;
365 Daily Bible Verse &
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Chapter Five: Hiring; 7 May

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper…

Proverbs 28:13a

Profitability can be seen with transparency

Bold Heads-up

He was getting inside the man’s head. “Did you get fired? Or did you resign?” The headhunter was asking the hard questions.

The quick thinking executive replied, “It was a photo finish,” as the late sales trainer Zig Ziglar would say.

Head hunting is,

  • A modern term for evaluating candidates in employee search, and
  • The primitive practice of separating a person’s head from his body.

It is sometimes hard to tell the difference.

In the past, the Marind people of New Guinea practiced headhunting where captives’ heads were removed and kept as souvenirs. Today, headhunter is a term for the person who is retained to find talent for an organization.

Head Hunting Search firms come in two basic flavors: retained and contingent; both arrangements are paid for by the hiring company.

Contingent is a commission deal where the headhunter gets paid only when the body gets hired. Entry to mid-level.

“Retained” search is where high-end firms are contracted as a consulting firm to find high-end talent for a high slot on the org chart. Very expensive. But their service is extensive.

For example, a retained search firm will document the features, advantages and benefits for the job-seeker (singular). The retained search firm will usually present only one candidate. The search firm will also uncover any imperfection.

As one headhunter said to Your Business Professor, “We will get dirt on anyone.” She said, “We find and disclose every flaw – the client will decide if the imperfection is a serious deal killer…” The consultant reports; the company decides.


There is no hiding or submerging a bad performance or a bad behavior from our Creator or a retained search firm. But our human nature, the natural man, hides his blemishes, faults, mistakes, his mischief. Energy is consumed in the cover-up. And when we work to hide that unfortunate fling on that Florida business trip we will not have the mental space to go on to profitable projects.

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper… Proverbs 28:13a


Oliver Cromwell was England’s First Lord Protectorate in the mid 1600’s. Cromwell was controversial but open and honest. It is popularly reported that he directed his portrait painter, Peter Lely, saying, “I desire you would use all your skill to paint my picture truly like me … warts and everything.”

When Cromwell died in 1658 of malaria, “England was prosperous…”




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