May 25; Hiring Is Pattern Recognition—Beginning In Your Happy Days;
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Chapter Five: May Hiring; 25 May

Can an Ethiopian change his skin

or a leopard its spots…?

Jeremiah 13:23a

Hiring Is Pattern Recognition—Beginning In Your Happy Days


top_gradingIf you want to do well in interviewing job candidates, Get Smart.

No, not the secret agent from the 1960’s TV comedy series. Get Brad. Brad Smart, Ph.D.

A client once asked about questions to ask job seekers. She wanted to be prepared.

She knew better than to ask people the traditional, time wasting questions, “So. Tell me about yourself…”

There’s a better way. Unless you really, really trust your Human Resources department.

The Alert Reader knows that Your Business Professor is, in many ways, still stuck in high school and will ask job applicants about those interesting life-forming times. (I avoid the class reunions—I have to spend so much time apologizing.)

The best question, as Dr. Smart suggests is, “What were your career plans in high school?”

For the interviewer, the easiest way to gauge compatibility is to determine the ‘happiness’ of the job candidate. If he’s not happy were he is, he won’t be happy were he’s going.

I recommend these candidate contentment questions; a legal line of questioning:

Tell me about your high school days.

What did you want to be then?

What was your dream?

Yes. High School. All of life is high school.  This is the core of the popularity of the TV hit series of the 1970’s, Happy Days. And, as author Kurt Vonnegut (1922 – 2007), said, “High school is closer to the core of the American experience than anything else I can think of.”

The rationale is that the closer the current career position of the candidate to his High School dream, the more content the candidate will be. You should only hire contentment.

For example, Your Business Professor proclaimed in high school his desire to be a ‘merchant.’ A salesman. A peddler and presenter.

Today, for me: Heaven on earth. Selling intangible best practices and Big Ideas.


Your Business Professor was also Co-Captain of the high school basketball team, with a bright future in collegiate ball with professional prospects. Varsity sports should have been an ‘in’ with the cool girls.

But no. Life did not work out that way. And leadership in sports, my lifetime achievement, was once dismissed by an executive recruiter.

His client didn’t have a basketball team, he snorted.


The head-hunter obviously did not appreciate my management skills…so I didn’t get the girls, the NBA didn’t call, I didn’t get the job.

When hiring, ask about high school. Get ready for angst.


The power of the Holy Spirit can change the human heart and accepting Jesus can remove the stain and spot of sin. Even as we become new creatures in Christ we will still be, at heart, the little boy or girl with childhood dreams of our earthly work.


Ross Perot, the billionaire founder of EDS, did what any one would do with unlimited wealth: he bought his childhood home. I don’t think he was attempting to capture his boyhood house. I think he was capturing his boyhood dreams.

While we are made new in Christ, we never really change our humanness.

Jeremiah 13:23a, Can an Ethiopian change his skin or a leopard its spots?

And you thought you were done with high school.



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