June 13; Perfect Building; Dull Inhabitants
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Chapter Six: Correction; 13 June

…You are like whitewashed tombs,

which look beautiful on the outside but

on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.

Matthew 23:27b

Perfect Building; Dull Inhabitants


A true tale of two high schools. One school was a brand new $100 million glass and aluminum Gehry like set of curves and boxes. It was decorated like a fern bar. There was no real trophy case to recognize athletic achievements. There was no bragging on individual or team accomplishments. Coaches did not keep record of the school records. One of the head coaches was the highest paid employee in the large city school system.

Across town is another high school, not new, and funded by the private purse of the parents. A traditional school. Old fashion, parents might say. The web site touts the athletes and their achievements. The coaches pride themselves on sending student athletes to collegiate competition and many on to professional sports. Not every student can make it. There is a trophy case prominently displayed. Banners of athletic performance hang from the gym rafters. Local business sponsors are proudly presented.

It would not be hard to guess which high school produced the better all round student; ready to face the world — or worse: college.


The “progressive” high school could have been placed in Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, Where All the Children Are Above Average. Every Child is Center Stage. No Child Is Left Behind the Scenes. Here in this Brave New World every child and every sibling is perfect. No imperfection is allowed. The Downs brother and the extra useless female were aborted. The liberal Public High School was a psychedelic playground sporting new, tax-payer facilities, where the green grass was fake and the unicorns were real. Lucy was in the skies with diamonds. They were, they smugly thought, “authentic” with a transgender restroom.

The progressive high school has a football team with a no-cut policy. Which means that no child suffered the humiliation of rejection caused by superior athletes. Unfortunately the rules-bound game limited the team to 11 players on the field at a time. This upset parents because the (well compensated) coach could not play all the players all the time in every game. This was pure discrimination. And an acknowledgement that some children might be—gasp—better than others.


Nearby, in the conservative school, not every student was perfect. But the school produced and celebrated real winners by maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses. The school leadership produced students who went on to compete in collegiate athletics. It was cheered and expected.

Teachers and company managers know that students and staffers are sensitive to the expectations of those in authority.


The athletic director of the liberal school was talking about his sports’ programs and what was needed for a player to succeed at the highest level of college sports, Division One. He said, “No one here will ever play D-1 baseball.” It was almost as if he were proud of it.

The buildings were sparkling. There was no life within.

You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. Matthew 23:27b



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