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Wal*Mart Academic Analysis

Wal*Mart Starling David Hunter III, Ph.D., has a series of posts on Wal*Mart. See Political Dimensions and the Zogby Polling bias. And the T-Shirt Edition. There’s hope for the academy. You’ll find it at...


Update: Wal*Mart Polling Suspect

Wal*MartRecent polls on Wal*Mart report that the public likes the retailer less and less. Their “favorability” rating is going down; negatives up. But is this true? Is Wal*Mart an unsavory corporate citizen? Is the...


Why Elites Hate WalMart

“Law-breaker, union-buster, tax-escapee…” says Ralph Nader about WalMart. The generosity of $17 million by the retailing giant during the Katrina Aftermath has muted criticism, but changed few minds. WalMart Protesters Why do left of...