Get Your Kicks on Route 66: McCain and Dean Harmonic Convergence


Do All Roads Lead to Arizona??

I’m beginning to be a little concerned about Arizona. There appears to be some sort of harmonic convergence developing, with sinister, even nefarious, implications. . .

Consider the evidence:

First, Howard Dean used data from Arizona to erroneously claim that abortion has increased 25% in the last several years. . .


Senator John McCain


Pic Credit

Second, John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona “saves America” with a filibuster compromise only to have the Democrats turn around and use the filibuster within the week. . .

Third, Route 66 runs through Arizona.


The Penta-Posse

at the famous

Jack Rabbit Trading Post

on Rt. 66


Fourth, PepsiCo has a facility in Arizona.

Clearly: traveling on Route 66 is dangerous to your ability to reason, Clearly. Spread the word. Alert the (Mainstream) Media!

(Hey, I heard a rumor that Linda Foley was recently spotted, drinking Starbucks coffee, in Arizona.)

* * * Brought to you by the Committee to Confuse Correlation and Causation * * *

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend: full disclosure — all links above take you to marginally relevant not-to-be-missed previous posts within Reasoned Audacity!

(Well, and truthfully, my wonderful sister-in-law comes from Arizona . . . so it can’t be too bad a place!)

God Bless the American Soldier!
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  1. Kerfuffles says:

    Donkeys Along Route 66?

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  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Pixar Cars from Disney on Route 66; a Puritan Message

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