And the Left Wonders Why the Country Thinks They Are Anti-Military?


Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have a problem. Hillary joined the Armed Services Committee in order to establish some military cred for her 2008 Presidential run. But her peeps on the Left keep popping out of the closet to prove just exactly why the right wing thinks they are against the military.

“Oh yes,” they say (when pressed), “We support our troops. It’s those nasty recruiters we don’t like. . .”


Exhibit A: Here’s a picture from a demonstration at the University of California, Santa Cruz on March 5th specifically targeting the on-campus military recruiters. The caption underneath the picture read: “Direct, unambiguous language is helpful for making your point clear to everyone.” Yeah, I’ll say. “FTA” used to be seen only as latrine graffiti.

So it’s just one ungrateful girl with a potty mouth. Well, no. Here are a few of the comments underneath:

Malgoska: “I also hope your actions are highly contagious. Hey, other universities – are you listening?”

Drew Nelson: “That’s just beautiful. . . We need more brave and fiery souls such as those at UCSC.”

Anonymous: “awesome!! There are still folks around with heart who have the b**ls to stand up against what is so wrong with todays world…f**k the military industrial complex and the biggest terrorist on the planet Bush and his corporate buddies, well done people…people of the earth tribe rise!!!!”


Banned on Campus?

And it’s not just on campus. An anti-recruiter diatribe, “Reading, Writing and Recruiting,” took up some valuable real estate right in the middle of Saturday’s Washington Post op-ed page.

Diane Paul, identified as a writer who “worked for Human Rights Watch in Bosnia” and as a consultant to UNICEF and the UN (of course), wants military recruiters out of the publically funded education system. “The military should not be permitted to use our schools as vehicles to send young people to war,” she argues. Here’s my favorite part of her polemic:

. . .we have to ask ourselves whether children between the ages of 14 and 17 have the maturity to make what may be life-or-death decisions based on promises of easy cash and a college education

I would bet you 30 cents that she also believes that these same “children” do “have the maturity” to make life-or-death decisions about sexual relationships and abortion without parental guidance. Bet me. Condoms yes. Cadence no.

She then goes on to conclude that: “the government must also ensure the protection of our children and safeguard the role of public schools as places of learning.” Hey, now there we agree!

If you’re in-step with me on this, then you’ll not want to miss Scott Ott’s satirical take on recruiters over at ScrappleFace. It’s funny, but in that sock-you-in-the-gut kind of way. It’s a “news release” entitled “Army Offers New Recruiting Incentive: Duty.”

Journalists at the news conference, baffled by the terminology, unleashed a barrage of questions about why anyone would volunteer to fight for a country that runs a gulag at Gitmo, invades peaceful sovereign nations like Iraq and has no respect for the most Holy Koran.

Hoo-ah! People of the earth tribe . . . unite for Hillary 2008!


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Update June 22, 2005 e-Claire has pic


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7 Responses

  1. m. p. sheehan says:

    If this wacky logic of these people works out, the US goes into retreat. The Terrorist AKA “Teletubby bomber”(sick joke only because we know they like the tv coverage) Win BIG TIME!. These clowns consider this a big victory and as our weakness. Now, it’s time to take it to the USA, GOD forbid they kill tens of thousands of us. If so, after these protester cry that they weren’t protected! What’s gonna happen? WELL, GET READY FOR THE DRAFT! THE THING YOU DIDN’T WANT! Why don’t people read what’s out there. Our enemy is telling you.

    Push ups & roll call @3am anybody?

  2. I don’t think the Left wonders why we think they’re anti-military. The Left knows that they’re anti-military, and they know everyone knows it. What the Left can’t figure out is whey everyone isn’t anti-military.

  3. Rita says:

    Funny how those people who talk about “corporate” America our benefiting from it. They are also benefiting from the millions who sacrificed themselves for their free speech, their ability to pursue education, jobs and a future in freedom. Morons, all of them. I don’t care if they have the right to protest, they don’t have a right to slander, and they have no right to judge others when they reap the benefits of a capitalist society. And when they can actually sacrifice anything for the good of this country, then I will listen. They definitely are not worth the sacrifices of our great men and women in the military.

  4. Paul in AZ says:


    Support the troops but *^&% the military-industrial complex?

    Kind of like me wishing you good luck at work

    while simultaneously demonstrating outside your

    office arguing that the company should go under…

    The brain-power is staggering! [sigh]

  5. The Drill SGT says:

    Me thinks Diane Paul with experience in Bosnia and the UN would prefer gutless Blue helmeted Dutch Peacekeepers like those who allowed 8000 innocent Bosnians (mostly Muslims?) to be butchered rather than have blood thirsty US troops be recruited and deployed to save Bosnians or God-forbid Iraqis

    The US military in so many places is a thin line that protects freedom and democracy around the world.


    The Dutch government recently resigned after an official report implicated Dutch UN peacekeepers in the 1995 massacre of Bosnians in Srebrenica, considered one of the worst atrocities of the Bosnian War. The report, prepared by the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, stated that Dutch U.N. troops in Srebrenica faced an impossible task. But the Dutch report also concluded that the Dutch peacekeepers were to blame for turning over the U.N.-declared safe zone to Serb forces. After capturing Srebrenica, the Serbs took away up to 8,000 civilian Muslim men and boys. International war crimes prosecutors and humanitarian groups say the Serbs massacred the Muslims in one of the most serious atrocities in Europe since World War II.

  6. MarthaK says:

    FTA? Well, I guess it’s nice to see the kids sticking with tradition. Isn’t “FTA” the worn-out, troop tormenting, Vietnam-era group John Kerry had a role in? At least this time around the “FTA” folks are far outnumbered by troop applauding, patriotic Americans.

  7. Donna says:

    Anti-war protestors should be drafted. Perhaps they might learn some grace and gratitude.

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